Equipment Painting

Stand out from the competition and achieve cut-through in the market with a custom paint job by WesTrac. We paint both new and used equipment. Our paint shops can handle the painting of small and large equipment. Our pressurised, filtered paint booth meets all regulations and produces a quality finish for all types of painting needs.

New Equipment Paint Jobs

When you order a new machine you can have it painted any colour you want. You might be looking to turn heads and create brand awareness, like Asha Russell from Sage Civil, or you might want to have your entire fleet painted in one unifying on-brand colour, like Green Civil Australia have done with their signature lime green paint. Whatever your goal is, we can help you achieve it.

When choosing a custom paint job for your new Cat machine, you can choose to have it completed by WesTrac on-site or have it factory-painted by Caterpillar.

WesTrac Paint Workshop

Our onsite paint workshop is one of the largest in the country, capable of painting most machines and large components. We have the facilities and resources required to complete paint jobs in less time and get your equipment to you faster. This means that if you see a new yellow machine in our yard and you'd like to have it painted a different colour, we can have that turned around for you in 2 to 8 weeks (depending on the size of the machine).

Factory Painted by Caterpillar

If you are ordering your new Cat machine well in advance, you can also choose to have it painted by Caterpillar in their factory. This option requires a longer lead time (4 to 6 months) and is also dependent on machine availability from Caterpillar.  

Used Equipment Paint Jobs

A high-quality custom paint job by WesTrac will restore and protect the value of your used equipment. We’ll expertly paint nearly any piece of equipment, in any colour you choose, with factory quality and precision, like-new appearance and performance.

With years of experience, and the latest facilities, our highly skilled paint technicians pressure wash, sandblast, prime and paint every piece of used equipment, as well as perform body work and metal fabrication as needed. Your equipment is returned to you looking as good the day you bought it.

do-it-yourself with PARTS.cAT.cOM

If you've got the in-house capability to paint your own machines, we can stock you up with all the supplies you need. On Parts.Cat.Com (PCC) we offer a range of paint products that you can use to update the paint job on your machine, making it look like it just rolled out of our showroom.

Available paint products on PCC

  • Spray Paint
  • Primer Paint
  • Medium & High Gloss Paint
  • Yellow, Black, White & Grey
  • Fast Drying Paint
  • Primer Thinner with Retarder
  • Paint & Decal Remover
  • Lots of Different Sizes
equipment painting for good

Newmont celebrates diversity and inclusion with rainbow truck

Newmont was the first mining operator in the world to have an autonomous haul truck fleet in an open pit gold mine. Back when they invested in the their new truck fleet, they ensured two of the trucks were painted in rainbow colours in celebration of their commitment to increase visibility and inclusion of the LGBTIQA+ community.
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