reduce environment impact, simplify compliance

Sustainability requirements are one thing, but you also want to improve your company’s performance – that’s a given. You need sustainability services that offer flexibility and ease of compliance monitoring and reporting. WesTrac and Caterpillar offer sustainability services that ultimately improve your company’s performance – complete with a green edge.

Reduce emissions through burning less fuel

It’s been estimated that idle time can represent as much as 40 to 50% of running time when it comes to fuel consumption. The solution lies in tracking and reducing idle time to immediately help you reduce fuel costs. That’s where our fuel data options come in.

Our fuel data options can identify:

  • Excessive idle time
  • Contaminated fuel filters
  • Problems such as a slipping clutch or transmission
  • Undersized machine, bucket or attachment
  • Issues with an untrained operator.

Recover more value at the end 

Your Cat equipment is equipped with diagnostic apps to allow insight into the operation, health and productivity of your fleet. This helps it run smoother through its life, and maintains more value when you’re ready to upgrade.

Choose the right service for your operation

We provide a number of sustainability services to suit any operation. This involves our Technology Team informing, advising or partnering with you to increase sustainability in a number of areas. 


  • Sustainability Reporting


  • Sustainability Recommendations


  • Sustainability Management

Compliance reporting has never been this easy

No more guesswork

We take the guesswork out of asset management with Cat Product Link™ hardware feeding your VisionLink® Unified Suite user interface (UI). This easy-to-use UI provides customised health and utilisation reports to give you timely and accurate information about your equipment - making a huge difference in the efficiency and costs of your entire operation.

Roll out a sustainability strategy

If you have multiple work-sites or equipment in different locations, it can be difficult to pinpoint consistent patterns which enhance sustainability. We can provide services to identify patterns and help you positively impact your workforce through sustainability technology. Rolling out a company-wide sustainability strategy is easier than ever before.

let's do the work

Interested in technology?

Send a message to our Technology Team and they'll be in touch to provide any information you require about the various technologies we have available.

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