VisionLink gives you the insights you need to take action on machine health. The updated interface helps you improve fuel efficiency, reduce idle time, address machine faults and boost profitability across all your assets. VisionLink puts the power of knowing in your hands.

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What is VisionLink?

VisionLink Benefits

VisionLink is a cloud-based software application that takes the guesswork out of fleet management with key insights to maximise performance - regardless of fleet size or equipment manufacturer. Receive equipment data seamlessly to your desktop or mobile device, all from a convenient centralised solution to make informed decisions at every turn.

VisionLink offers an array of benefits, which include but are not limited to:

  • A best-in-class interface that gives you more control with fewer clicks, now with additional features to help with maintenance planning and scheduling.
  • Mixed-fleet capabilities that allows you to connect your entire fleet regardless of brand. You can also customise what you see with the ability to organise your assets by group, project or jobsite.
  • Easy communication and collaboration with the ability to share data and results across your business. VisionLink also lets you manage tasks and assign them, resolve or dismiss completed tasks and monitor the progress of tasks assigned to others.
  • Identify trouble spots and take immediate action with alert notifications and visualisation of all assets.
  • Accessibility anywhere with the VisionLink mobile app, giving you full fleet insights from anywhere on your laptop or mobile device.
VisionLink Subscriptions

There are four VisionLink subscriptions available, so you can get the level that suits your business. There are also additional add-ons available should you have more specific needs.

  1. Connect
  2. Connect Pro
  3. Performance
  4. Performance Pro

More information about these four subscription levels can be found below.



level 1


VisionLink Connect gives you core telematics data so you can answer important questions about your Cat assets and better control your operating costs.

  • Increase visibility with daily information about asset location
  • Monitor fuel cost by tracking fuel utilisation both working and idle
  • Reduce unplanned downtime with maintenance reminders and service alerts
  • Track your carbon footprint for easier compliance reporting and emissions calculations
VisionLink Unified Fleet
level 2

Connect Pro

VisionLink ConnectPro includes the features of Connect, plus more robust monitoring data so you can answer important questions about Cat and other brands of assets and better control your operating costs.

  • Proactively manage assets location with use of geo-fences and recording of asset entries and exits
  • Increase efficiency by monitoring working vs. idle hours
  • Lower operating costs with cost analysis and excessive idling reports
  • Control site safety with remote disable
VisionLink Service
level 3


VisionLink Performance includes the features of Connect and ConnectPro, plus even more comprehensive data and increased reporting frequency, so you can answer important questions about your operations and make smart decisions faster.

  • Optimise efficiency through more frequent data reporting review and response
  • Improve production with total payload and cycle count
  • More effective utilisation with advanced breakdowns, analysis and mapping
  • Cost-efficient planned maintenance with real-time and non-critical alerts
VisionLink Productivity
level 4

Performance Pro

VisionLink Performance includes the features of Connect, ConnectPro, and Performance plus even more comprehensive data, so you can answer important questions about your production and increase efficiency faster.

  • Increased productivity through more frequent data analysis and reporting that integrate multiple machine data sets from your entire site
  • Improved results tracking with precise payload, location and time details while developing cycle segmentation data for analysis
  • Insights for improvement from integration of Productivity KPIs and benchmarks into data analysis and progress reporting

Want more information? Click below the VisionLink Brochure, which gives you everything you need to know about the new platform.

VisionLink Administrator

Cat Product Link

Cat® Product Link™ is the hardware device that makes VisionLink work. Available with satellite or cellular connectivity, it has scalable features that enable increasing data collection as needed - from machine hours, fuel and location - to machine health parameters and production numbers.
Cat® Product Link™

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