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Our Cat Financial Representative based at WesTrac can tailor an insurance policy to protect against unpredictable risks.

Insured For

This includes damages caused by:

  • fire, frost, ice,
  • lightning or over voltage from storm,
  • explosion,
  • crash of an aircraft,
  • theft,
  • accident during transport,
  • operating mistake or carelessness,
  • failure of measuring, regulation or safety instruments,
  • lack of water, oil or lubricating fluid,
  • short circuit,
  • natural disaster: earthquake or flood,
  • constructional or material flaw.

This protection has been specifically designed for owners of heavy equipment and provides superior benefits you most likely will not find in other policies.

When does my coverage of the insurance begin?

If applied for at the time of financing, the insurance coverage will automatically start at the moment you are taking on the risk. The coverage ends after the termination of the contract, latest after 5 years.

What is covered if my machine is damaged?

Coverage against machine damage from Cat Financial

In the case of damage to your machine, the costs to restore the machine to its condition prior to the incident are reimbursed. This includes for example:

  • costs for spare parts
  • labour costs including surcharges for Sundays, holidays and overtime
  • costs of transportation

In addition, the insurance reimburses costs for:

  • clean-up and disposal
  • decontamination and disposal of soil
  • moving and protection
  • air freight

In case of total loss, an amount will be reimbursed that would have to be spent for the replacement of a comparable machine under consideration of condition and age.

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