Minestar Health

healthy equipment = lower costs

You plan for everything in your operation, but what about unexpected setbacks? Breakdowns, unexpected repairs or equipment that’s just not running to standard can really impact on your bottom line.

Nobody wants downtime in a project, or costly repairs that can set your budget back. Like a Doctor, Cat Health is a consistent check up for your equipment to diagnose and identify issues before they’re a (costly) problem.

Our real-time equipment monitoring technology tracks and records a range of machine parameters for ongoing fleet health. You can also customise reports to track when services are due, schedule any repairs and monitor your fleet’s post-repair performance.

With Minestar Health, your service team will get instant alerts when problems arise, ensuring that you can take immediate action to have your machines repaired quickly and back to making money in no time.

Take advantage of a Global Knowledge Sharing network with field-tested best practice and fleet performance insights. You can assure your fleet's health by leveraging the power of Cat experts from around the globe. They’ve been there, done that, so you can learn from their knowledge.

Sharing information and data easily

As part of the Cat Minestar System, Health shares data with other Cat Minestar Systems, ensuring that you can track, monitor and manage all types of assets more safely, efficiently and productively.

Health works with on-board monitoring systems such as VIMS (Vital Information Management Systems) to provide real-time, wireless data and reports. Protect your investment with our technology solutions.

Identifying health hot spots

MineStar Health Technology

No matter your equipment's brand, Cat Health can help you track its health. We give you the inside information you need to keep your equipment in tip-top shape. But it’s not just your machines’ health that’s monitored. Health can also help you identify any problem areas in the mine site where health and operational alerts occur.

MineStar Reporting 

MineStar Reporting is a revolutionary data visualisation and reporting tool focused on integrating data gathered from other Cat MineStar solutions and consolidating it into a single, unified interface.

MineStar Reporting is currently available to any mining organisation using HEALTH.

Mining White Paper

Targeting Zero Emissions in Mining

Mining is subject to a range of regulations and public scrutiny when it comes to improving sustainability. There are no specific metrics to identify just how far miners need to go – but as this whitepaper discusses, it is a process of continual improvement, and stakeholders at every stage in the supply chain have a role to play.

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