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turn your data into profit

Cat® LINK transmits data wirelessly from your machines and turns it into essential "easy-to-digest" insights about the location, status and productivity of your equipment - from fuel burn and payload weights to cycle times and job progress. LINK brings together all Cat technologies to help you make timely, fact-based decisions to boost productivity.

As the authorised Cat dealer for NSW, WA and ACT in Australia, WesTrac is your go-to source for technology-based equipment management solutions tailored to the unique needs of your business.

How Cat LINK Can Transform Your Business

How can you use Cat LINK insights to increase productivity, reduce costs and run a safe operation?

  • Find out when, where and how your assets are being used. Use this data to ensure each asset is being used to its full potential.
  • Determine idle time and fuel burn, as well as how to reduce both.
  • Identify assets that aren’t performing profitably. Investigate why.
  • Determine each asset's downtime and how to manage it in a way that reduces it.
  • Document machine working hours to increase resale value.
  • Find training opportunities for your team members.
  • Motivate operators to improve performance by comparing individuals’ productivity and idle time numbers.
  • Determine the occurrence of unsafe activities, as well as accident prevention and training recommendations.

One of the best aspects of Cat LINK is that it delivers all of these insights through one interface. Imagine having everything you need to know about a job site in front of you, on any device, all in one spot.

LINK is a technology that will play a transformative role in your operation. Read more about the benefits below.

What does Cat LINK technology do?

Cat Link technology in action

LINK allows you to connect any piece of equipment, from a single Mini Excavator, right through to a large mixed fleet. It combines innovative Product Link and VIMS hardware, with intuitive VisionLink™, Product Link Web and MineStar™ software. This powerful technology collects and interprets data from each machine to help maximise up time and optimise productivity.

What are the benefits?

  • Track machine location & activity
  • Track asset usage & fuel burn
  • View fleet health, availability & condition
  • Measure & monitor idle time
  • Receive maintenance & repairs alerts
  • Create a preventative maintenance plan

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