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The Cat® S•O•S™ Services Program offered by WesTrac is a mutual commitment to protect your equipment’s performance and value. The Program combines the simple process of fluid sampling with state-of-the-art analysis and clear reporting via Cat S•O•S Web. By fluid sampling with WesTrac, you’ll see what’s going on inside your machine and detect problems before they become serious, enabling optimised equipment performance.

This service is available for any brand of equipment or machinery, and we support sampling requirements for industries such as mining, construction, power generation, automotive, aviation, transport/rail, industrial and marine.

With our strong support network and our expanding ISO 9001 certified labs in WA and NSW (our lab in WA is also NATA 17025 accredited), you can rely on WesTrac to provide highly sophisticated fluid sampling results and advice for your equipment. A small investment in fluid sampling can save you a huge amount in the long run.

S•O•S Services Program Benefits

The S•O•S Services Program is packed with benefits.


WesTrac’s S•O•S Services Program provides you with accurate information on the health of your equipment, giving you the ability to schedule maintenance and fluid changes more efficiently. Cat S•O•S is available for all brands of equipment, allowing it to be your total solution for mixed fleets.


Effective preventative maintenance is estimated to be three to ten times more cost-effective than unscheduled maintenance and repair. In many instances, S•O•S has detected the need to replace a small part, which has prevented the failure of a major component.


Our state-of-the-art laboratories are staffed by specialised technicians and mechanical fluid analysts who are experienced in a wide range of equipment brands. These specialists are supported by assistants, maintenance experts, product support team members and administrators.

We conduct more than 500,000 fluid tests a year with our testing equipment producing consistent and superior quality, accuracy and detailed results every time. Our mechanical fluid analysts are available to discuss your results and provide advice over the phone.

Caterpillar® also manufactures thousands of machines every year, right across the globe - we receive valuable data from this machinery and apply it to our analysis. While we do specialise in Cat equipment, our fluid sampling team also works on non-Cat equipment.


Get to see what your eyes can’t. We evaluate your sample based upon analysis of millions of data points (parts per million). The fluid analysis process takes a maximum 24-48 hours from when the sample is received by the lab.


View and analyse your fluid sample information online via Cat S•O•S Web (from within VisionLink) - anywhere and anytime you have an internet connection. The platform also provides you with historical sampling information.

Experience this in person

Technology Experience Centre (TXC)

To gain hands-on experience with the latest Cat technologies used in mining and construction, including this one, all you need to do contact your local WesTrac representative and request a visit to the TXC with your team.

what is fluid or oil analysis?

Fluid analysis (including oil analysis) is the process of sampling, testing and diagnosing the operating condition of fluids within your machine. The chemicals, metals and other elemental constituents found within a sample can “tip off” the health of major mechanical systems and components. We evaluate more than 30 characteristics from each sample. This allows us to gain a comprehensive picture of the health of your engine, transmission, powertrain and other wearable components. From each sample, our team can evaluate contamination levels, corrosion levels and stability.

Condition Monitoring

Fluid analysis is one of five ways our Condition Monitoring (CM) Team monitors the health of machines on a FitFleet Customer Value Agreement (CVA). If you'd rather be focused on running other areas of your business and getting more earthmoving work done, you can put your Cat machinery on a FitFleet agreement and let our CM Team help keep your machinery in top-notch condition - which includes managing fluid analysis on a regular basis.


Fluid sampling a great predictive maintenance option

Just as you can tell a lot about a person by analysing a blood sample, you can understand what’s happening inside your machine with fluid sampling. In this blog post, we explain that it is all about identifying potential issues before they become serious and helping to optimise performance.
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