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GREATER CONTROL, up to 50% efficiency gains. easy as.

Does your construction operation involve grading and paving? We know one of your biggest concerns is getting to an accurate grade quickly and without rework to be profitable. Cat® GRADE technologies combine automatic machine control, in-cab guidance and digital design data to help you hit target grade faster, with less rework and more consistent results.

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What is Cat GRADE?

Cat® GRADE will give your operators easy access to a host of in-cab features that enhances their control of the machine. The easy-to-read displays allow operators to monitor all aspects of machine performance with just a quick glance.

Built-in cab and joystick controls simplify operation, while providing the option for automated operation to reach target grades faster. Real-time cut/fill data delivers prompt feedback so operators can work more quickly and make immediate adjustments when necessary.

Other key operator features include Sequence Assist and Auto Blade Assist that automate many repetitive tasks, which increases efficiency and saves time. The AutoCarry feature takes control of specific machine functions so operators can focus on guiding the machine during grading.

The ease of operation that GRADE offers also presents a workforce solution, allowing you to hire less experienced operators in times when veteran operators are hard to come by. Both new and veteran grading equipment operators will be able to work more productively and comfortably than ever.

Cat GRADE Compatible Machine Types

What does Cat GRADE do?

Cat Mastless Motor Graders 

Thanks to easy-to-read displays that show real-time cut/fill data and arrows that indicate exactly which direction to move the cutting edge, GRADE technologies help operators work more accurately, and finish jobs in fewer passes—from bulk earthmoving to finish grade.

You’ll get efficiency gains up to 50%, while reducing material, surveying, and labour costs. Whether you’re working on simple planes and slopes or complex contour designs, you’ll get more work done—in less time and at a lower cost—than ever before.

What are the benefits?

  • 50% improvement in grading efficiency
  • Deliver proof of compliance to standards
  • Move material right the first time, minimise rework
  • Improve grading & compacting accuracy
  • Reduce job costs, surveying needs & fuel usage
  • Keep operators off ground, improve safety
  • Improve operator performance, reduce training

Increase worksite safety

By giving your operators immediate access to valuable design information, GRADE reduces the dependence on string lines, stakes and other related grading equipment — and also reduces the workers needed to implement them. Fewer workers on a jobsite decreases the likelihood of on-the-job accidents and injuries. Because your operators won’t have to be as vigilant for workers wandering about, they can devote more attention to completing the task at hand.

New Cat 3D Mastless Motor Graders

Cat Mastless Motor Graders

A range of Cat® Motor Graders now come with new Mastless GRADE with 3D technology. This integrated system improves grading efficiency, accuracy and productivity of automated grading systems without the restriction associated with GNSS Blade Masts.

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