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Does your construction operation or jobsite involve soil, asphalt or landfill compaction? We know one of your biggest concerns is hitting compaction targets, with accuracy and speed, every time.

As the authorised Cat dealer for NSW, WA and ACT in Australia, WesTrac is your go-to source for the latest compaction tools and equipment for road working, aggregates, agriculture and a broad range of other industries.

Cat COMPACT technology for soil compaction gives operators the information and instant feedback they need to achieve uniform results with maximum efficiency. Plus, it helps to identify hidden soil problems that can affect compaction quality.

Two measurement technology options

Compaction Meter Value (CMV)

 An accelerometer-based system that displays a compaction value that indicates compaction quality. CMV is for smooth drum machines only and works well in granular applications and thick lifts.

Machine Drive Power (MDP)

A Cat exclusive technology that measures rolling resistance—with the vibratory system on or off—and correlates it with soil stiffness. MDP is for smooth and padfoot drums and works well in both cohesive and granular soils.

Ensure Uniformity, Quality and Efficiency

Soil and asphalt compaction can be monitored using an optional 3D mapping technology. Temperature or compaction measurements are mapped to the precise location the operator is working, providing a real time view of progress.

Mapping data is recorded to document compaction uniformity and job completion, then can be downloaded or transmitted wirelessly to the office via optional LINK technologies. Information can be accessed through VisionLink® from your computer or mobile device for analysis and reporting.

What does compact do?

Cat Compact in Action

By helping your compaction equipment operators meet targets faster, more uniformly and in fewer passes, Cat® COMPACT technology drives up your quality and drives down your costs. On-the-go compaction measurements and control techniques delivered via in-cab displays provide instant feedback—so your operators know exactly when they’ve met target values and can move on to the next task. Reporting and documentation tools give you a real-time view of progress and a record of compaction results.

What are the benefits?

  • Provides "on the go" compaction measurements
  • Improves documentation & reporting
  • Gives operators instant feedback
  • Accurately gauges optimal compaction temp
  • Records temp for data analysis
  • Achieve optimal consistency in all soil types
  • Assists with compliance reporting

3D Mapping Technology

Cat Compact 3D Mapping Technology

Cat COMPACT comes with a 3D mapping system that allows measurement to the precise location the operator is working and how much ground they've covered, assisting with compliance reporting.

Remotely access compaction measurements

When COMPACT is combined with LINK you can remotely access compaction measurements via VisionLink to monitor job progress and keep production on track.

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