Cat Classic Parts

The value-priced alternative

Cat Classic™ Parts are lower-cost, genuine Cat parts that provide acceptable service life for older Cat equipment and minimise the risk associated with non-genuine parts. The product line currently consists of over 1,300 parts for more than 50 older Cat machine models and growing.

The Classic line contains parts that generally have a greater impact on your repair costs. These include:

Cat Classic Parts minimise the risk associated with non-genuine parts in the following ways:

  • Backed by the standard Caterpillar warranty.
  • Superior quality/performance compared with aftermarket parts.
  • Approved by Cat engineers.
  • Manufactured by Cat approved suppliers.
  • Quality checks performed by Cat part stock facilities to ensure Cat standards are met.
  • Supported by Cat Dealers with their vast knowledge of Caterpillar products.

Model Coverage

Track Type Tractors Motor Graders Track Loaders  Hydraulic Excavators  Wheel Loaders 
D4C / D 120 / 120B 955H / K / L 215 / 215B 950
D5 / D5B 112 / 112E / F 977H / K / L 225 / 225B 966B / C
D6C / D 12E / F 951B / C    
D7F / G 14D / E 983    
D8H / K 140 / 140B      
D9G / H        


Undercarriage Components (link assemblies / track shoes / hardware)

  • Pin and bushing groups
  • Rollers / idlers / sprocket segment groups
  • Guards / recoil mechanism parts

Drivetrain parts (transmission, torque converters, differentials)

  • Gears / shafts / pinions
  • Housings / drums / hubs / carriers
  • Torque converter kits (turbine, impeller, stator)
  • Steering clutch kits (drum, plates, discs, springs)

D330 / D333 / 3304 / 3306 Pre-combustion (PC) engine parts

  • Cylinder heads
  • Pre-combustion chambers
  • Valve Kits (int/exh valves, springs, retainers, rotocoil, oil shield)
  • Crankshafts
  • Connecting rods
  • Fuel transfer pumps
  • Fuel lines

Motor grader specific parts

  • Tandem drive parts
  • Axle / steering parts
  • Centre shift parts

Other parts coverage

  • Track-type tractor equaliser bars
  • Hydraulic excavator swing gears
  • Pump drive parts
  • Hydraulic gear pumps linkage pins

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