Onsite Hose Storage Container

get hoses on demand

Do you have a site that is constantly in need of new hoses to keep your fleet up and running? When a machine goes down because of a hose issue, there is usually a delay involved in having a new hose fitted. While this delay might be small, on a large site it all adds up to make a real impact to your bottom line.

Realising the issue, our Product Support team have developed the Onsite Hose Storage Container – a shipping container filled with up to 700 hose assemblies. The first of its kind in Australia! It is large enough to carry every completed hose for your specific machine models on your site.

The Onsite Hose Storage Container can be custom designed to suit your site and individual needs. The solution is suitable for any customer who has multiple machines on a single site.


With one of these containers on your site, downtime will decrease, and machine availability will increase. Now, when one of your machines needs a new hose, instead of waiting, your machine will be back to getting the work done a lot sooner - #LetsDoTheWork.

Why fit a non-genuine hose when you can have the right one at your fingertips? Keep it simple and fit the right hose for the right job.

Hose Storage Container

Built to your specifications

We’ll design and build your Onsite Hose Storage Container according to specifications you provide. Once your design is locked in, the lead time from order is around 6 weeks. In just over a month, an Onsite Hose Storage Container could be based on one of your sites!

Choose a container:

  • High Volume – A 20ft container that can hold up to 700 hoses
  • Low Volume – A 10ft container that can hold up to 350 hoses

Manage stock your way

We designed the Onsite Hose Storage Container to give you more freedom and flexibility on site. Instead of being reliant on an expensive mobile service, you can choose to manage your own stock levels, to ensure your container is always ready to go. However, if you’d prefer to let us take care of it, we can regularly audit your container and stock it up when levels drop – an example of how all our solutions are tailored to suit your needs.


The Onsite Hose Storage Container is currently available for all WA/NSW/ACT customers.

Get a quote

If the Onsite Hose Storage Container sounds like the right solution for one or more of your sites, please get in touch with our Product Support team and we’ll get back to you with a quote.

Hose Manufacturing and Repair

Our team can manufacture and repair hoses that fit any machine, regardless of make or model. So if you've got a mixed fleet, you can rest easy knowing our team can service the hoses on every piece of equipment in your fleet. 

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