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Every construction operation and jobsite has safety challenges. We know one of your biggest concerns is ensuring your team goes home safely, every day.

Cat® DETECT technologies combine safety and monitoring systems to enhance operator awareness. By expanding your view of the working environment around your equipment, you can keep your people and assets safe.

As the authorised Cat dealer for NSW, WA and ACT in Australia, WesTrac is your go-to source for the latest safety technology solutions.

Flexible Cat Detect Options

Every jobsite is different and comes with its own unique safety challenges. We offer a number of different Cat DETECT technology options so you can choose a solution that’s right for your job needs, fleet and budget:

Camera Systems

Help eliminate blind spots and enhance operators’ views around equipment during start-up and operation with CCTV cameras tied to an in-cab display. Choose from one to four cameras in heavy-duty, light-duty and build-to-fit systems.

RFID Systems

Add another layer of protection with Radio Frequency Identification tags attached to ground personnel or fixed objects. An in-cab alarm and external speaker alert operators and ground workers when they get too close.

Machine Security Systems

Get more control over who can operate your machines and when by requiring a special electronic key or pass code to start equipment.

What is Cat DETECT technology compatible with?

Cat Detect Technology in Action

Cat DETECT technology works on any machine — existing or new, regardless of manufacturer, making it the perfect safety solution for mixed fleets. CCTV cameras and vehicle tracking systems are available from the factory on new Cat equipment or as aftermarket / retrofit solutions by our Technology Team.

What are the benefits?

  • Expand operators view, enhance visibility
  • Increase awareness & create a safety first culture
  • Improve operator confidence & productivity
  • Improve jobsite safety with operator alerts
  • Reduce costs associated with accidents
  • Use reporting to develop safety programs
  • Lower insurance costs

Types of Cat Detect Technology

Cat Detect for Personnel

Cat Detect for Personnel utilises passive Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology which is placed within safety vests, hard hats or fixed tags.

Cat Machine Security System

Cat Machine Security System (MSS) is a theft-deterrent system that discourages unwanted operation of equipment by utilising a unique electronic key or a pass code to start the machine. Traditional Cat keys will not start the machine when Cat Machine Security System is enabled.

Cat Detect with Vision for Construction

Caterpillar designed CCTV camera systems enhance the operators view around the perimeter of the vehicle during start-up and vehicle maneuvering increasing safety and productivity.

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