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FitFleet for Technology (FFT) is an end-to-end technology solution that delivers you data-driven insights into the overall health and utilisation of your Cat Next Generation Performance Excavator, whilst helping you get the most out of your machine with additional technology support from WesTrac.

Think of FFT as a 'Tech Support' upgrade that can be applied to all FitFleet Customer Value Agreements (CVAs) for your excavator. FFT adds additional benefits (listed below) on top of the standard Essentials, Plus, Premium and Ultimate CVAs.

FFT is suitable for customers who want the best technical support possible, in order to fully maximise all of the advanced Next Gen features on their new excavator.


  • Machine Support: As part of your agreement, you'll receive hardware warranty, software updates and Caterpillar Annual Product Updates on-site. You'll also have access to a dedicated support team to assist you with issue resolution and operational advice via WesTrac's Technology Support System.
  • Site Environment Support: The infrastructure off board the machine is known as the Site Environment. Partnering with SITECH Solutions, this support will help you identify correction sources and design file requirements as well as issues associated with these. This support will also be provided on-site via WesTrac's Technology Support System.
  • Technology Training: WesTrac, together with SITECH, will provide on-site Cat technology training that enables you to get the most out of your excavator.


Realising the benefits of maintaining a FitFleet CVA - by WesTrac Group Manager Client Solutions Chelsea Gray

The Technology Training Tablet

One of the benefits listed above is technical training for you and your operator. This training ensures your team is using your Next Gen Excavator to the best of its ability, so you'll be able to knock over jobs faster than ever before with accuracy and precision.

To ensure you are provided the best training possible, you'll be loaned a Technology Training Tablet that comes pre-loaded with applications and helpful video tutorials. You'll be able to use this tablet to become even more adept at using the controls and technology features of your excavator.

The tablet provides a way to test yourself on what you've been trained on, whilst offering additional advanced tutorials. It includes:

  • Cat Monitor Simulator App
  • Cat Demonstrator App
  • Trimble Earthworks Assistant App
  • Caterpillar Tutorial Videos
  • WesTrac Tutorial Videos

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FitFleet for Technology Training Levels

There are three levels of training included in our FFT solution. Each level can also be purchased separately. 

Level 1 - Introduction to Cat Next Gen Performance Excavator Technology

Delivered remotely, this training session is designed to inform and familiarise you on the technology and updates in the Next Gen range. Lead by the instructor, you will navigate on your own technology training tablet to learn the ins and outs of the Machine Monitor Screen, Payload, Assist Modes, E-fencing, as well as the setup and control of operator profiles, tool setup and operator comforts.

Level 2 - Cat GRADE Training

Delivered at your jobsite, this training session is designed to increase your level of understanding of Cat Next Gen GRADE Technology. This includes major components and Cat GRADE Assist and Cat PAYLOAD systems. This training is relevant for the Next Gen Performance Excavators with 2D or 3D Cat GRADE. 

Level 3 - Cat GRADE Training Site Integration Training

Delivered at your jobsite, this training is designed to ensure that you and your operator understand how your Next Gen Excavators integrates with your site and its requirements for site integration. You’ll leave the session with a basic understanding on troubleshooting your machine for site regarding files for guidance and determining the right correction source.


FFT (all three levels) is a complementary inclusion on all Next Generation Performance Excavators with 3D Grade, for the first year of ownership when you sign up to any FitFleet Customer Value Agreement.

If you haven't purchased a new 3D excavator, there will be an additional cost for all levels of the FFT solution or you can purchase levels separately. This cost can be bundled into the ongoing cost of your regular FitFleet CVA to ensure smooth cash-flow. 

When it comes to FitFleet, you have the flexibility of choosing to pay:

  1. Per-hour-usage rate (utilisation)
  2. PAYG (pay as you go)
  3. Flat monthly fee - selected assets only
  4. Bundled into purchase price - selected excavators only

Contact our team using the form below to discuss which payment method is suitable for your operational needs and excavator. 


You choose the duration. We recommend one year. 

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