Cat MineStar

You want to make informed, fact-based decisions. You value your workers so you want to enhance safety. You want to boost productivity and improve the utilisation of your fleet. Maximising equipment and resources? That’s a given. Cat® MineStar™ is completely scalable and offers you the exact level of in-depth integrated data and information you need to get the work done.

Whether you want to address a single challenge or improve the safety, efficiency or productivity of your operation, WesTrac has the solution to meet your needs.

The mining industry’s most comprehensive and thoroughly integrated suite of technology offerings, Cat MineStar Solutions have the ability to track, monitor, automate and manage all types of assets from people and production machines to light vehicles.

Suitable for both underground and above-ground mining, MineStar offerings are scalable and configurable for small to large operations, no matter where you are on your journey. You’ll also be supported by a team of experts who work alongside you to ensure you get the most from your technology investment.


Lets you apply the right level of automation, from operator assistance and remote control to semi and full autonomy for productivity, efficiency and safety gains.


High precision material guidance so you can drill, dig, load and grade more safely, accurately and efficiently.


Comprehensive fleet management functionality for production planning, equipment scheduling, material movement, fuel monitoring and cycle times.


Real-time equipment monitoring to enable early detection and intervention of potential issues so you can keep your machines running and minimise downtime.


Designed to increase operator awareness and enhance safety including blind spot and proximity detection of fixed and mobile equipment, as well as operator distraction and fatigue management.


Creates an operational ecosystem that gives you total visibility and ability to manage every aspect of your operation. Delivered as a cloud-based subscription application, Edge can help lowers costs while delivering a consistent user experience.

WesTrac MineStar Technology Support

Servicing the largest mining operations in Australia for over 30 years and providing technology support and solutions for more than 10 years, today WesTrac and Caterpillar® have deployed an extensive fleet of autonomous machines in the world.

WesTrac’s dedicated team of experts provide you with technology guidance across drilling, loading, hauling and material management as well as solutions to enhance site safety and assist your emissions reduction targets. This expertise can also be leveraged and extended to smaller mining operations and contractors.

We have invested heavily in our technology support team, processes, training and offerings to ensure you get the highest levels of efficiency and effectiveness with MineStar.

WesTrac’s MineStar Technology team is available to provide local expert support with dedicated project teams to manage deployments and ad hoc projects.

The WesTrac MineStar Technology Team has offices, training facilities (see below) workshops and a warehouse solely to support MineStar customers across NSW, ACT and WA.

There are currently over 120 skilled technicians and supervisors as well as 30 specialists dedicated to MineStar technology. Today, we manage more than 220 MineStar Fleet systems comprising of over 1,500 assets across WA.

Our team is focused on quality assurance and solutions being fully prepared, validated and tested before delivery and installation with onboard support as required.

We can also arrange industry training courses through the WesTrac Institute and via simulated testing environments where scenarios can be created with the latest software away from high-risk operational areas.

MineStar Training & Experiences

WesTrac Technology Training Centre (WTTC) - Western Australia

The WesTrac Technology Training Centre (WTTC) in Collie is the first of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, delivering training courses to technicians of autonomous equipment, such as haul trucks used in the mining industry.

The WTTC is a purpose-built facility sitting on 11ha of land. It has the following equipment available for training:

  • Cat 789D Autonomous Haul Truck
  • Cat Wheel Loader (equipped with MineStar Terrain)
  • Site aware vehicles

The training provided utilises a virtual mine model that includes haul roads, calibration and dump/load points - all designed to provide a safe and effective training ground to equip technicians with the skills they need now and into the future (read more about technology careers at WesTrac).

Autonomous Training Courses

There are two principle autonomous training courses currently on offer at the WTTC:

1. Command for Haul - Service

Delivers theory and practical execution on the MineStar Command for Haul system.

2. Maintenance in the Autonomous Operating Zone (AOZ)

For anyone entering the Autonomous Operating Zone (AOZ).

Technology Experience Centre (TXC) - New South Wales

The Technology Experience Centre (TXC) is a state-of-the-art education and training facility at WesTrac's New South Wales Head Office in Tomago. The TXC allows WesTrac mining customers to gain hands-on experiences and training with MineStar technology.

MineStar Experiences

The TXC offers a wide range of technology experiences to WesTrac customer teams. Every visit to the TXC can be customised and tailored to meet your team's requirements and technology needs.

The purpose of these experiences is to help you familiarise yourself with MineStar technologies to help you determine which of these are the right fit for your mining operation.

MineStar Training

The TXC is also a purpose-built training facility that can be used to train your team on any MineStar-based solution you plan to utilise across your site.

When it comes to training a large team, the TXC delivers a practical and educational experience that ensures your team members walk away feeling confident about using technology to improve safety and productivity outcomes at your operation.

The TXC is open and ready to deliver comprehensive and tailored technology training experiences that are unrivalled in the industry. To find out more, click below.

Mining White Paper

Targeting Zero Emissions in Mining

Mining is subject to a range of regulations and public scrutiny when it comes to improving sustainability. There are no specific metrics to identify just how far miners need to go – but as this whitepaper discusses, it is a process of continual improvement, and stakeholders at every stage in the supply chain have a role to play.


Ausdrill's MD6250 rigs are equipped with MineStar

Ausdrill's four new Cat MD6250 drill rigs are equipped with Cat MineStar™ Terrain to assist with improved safety, productivity, reliability and accuracy in drilling.
working shot of a mining shovel and a mining truck

Evolution Mining runs on MineStar

Evolution Mining's Lake Cowal operation is the only one of its kind in NSW to run on the complete MineStar system – a fully integrated suite of technology solutions for tracking, monitoring and controlling a mining operation.

Evolution Mining's CAT dozers

let's do the work

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