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1. What are the rosters like?

Rosters vary for each position and location, and are discussed at the interview stage. We offer a wide variety of rosters, some of which include full-time (e.g. Mon to Fri), part-time, 14/28 days and rotating rosters. Some overtime is available depending on business requirements at the time. We also offer flexi-time for WA parts distribution employees and for NSW employees who are on an Enterprise Agreement. Flexible work arrangements can be made for staff in variety of roles.

2. I've submitted my CV/resume, what are the next steps?

Once you submit your application it is sent to our recruitment team for review. Some applicants will be contacted for a phone screen. If your skills and experience match the position then you will be invited to an interview. Following the interview our preferred candidates then proceed to pre-employment checks including online reference checking, a pre-employment medical including a drug and alcohol test, and in some instances skills or psychometric testing. If you are the successful candidate you will receive a formal offer of employment letter.

3. Will I be provided with training?

Yes, all of our roles come with on-the-job training alongside formal training depending on the position requirements.

4. Will I be provided with uniforms?

Where your role requires a uniform or PPE, you will be supplied with it at our expense.

5. When do applications open for the apprenticeship program and are there any age limits?

Applications open at the beginning of each year nationally and also mid-year in WA. We accept applications from all age groups.

6. Do you offer trade upgrades?

In NSW we have more than 40 employees in our Trade Upgrade Program, which continues to grow successfully. WesTrac offers both trade upgrades and dual trade opportunities as required in NSW. We currently don’t offer trade upgrades in WA, however we may do in the future.

7. How long does the application-to-offer process take?

This is dependent on the role and the volume of applications we receive. You will be kept informed about the progress of your application along the way, however please call the HR team if you have any questions.

8. As an employee, will my performance be reviewed?

All new starters are subject to a probation period. During this time your performance is monitored and feedback will be given to ensure your success.

9. Where can I find the Apprentice Program FAQs?

You can click here to access our Apprentice Program FAQs page.

10. How does WesTrac communicate during the recruitment process?

During the recruitment process, our team will organise interviews and request information from you via email or directly over the phone. If you receive a call from a WesTrac team member and you want to verify their identity, you can request that they email you first so you can check their email address. If you receive an email from someone with a "@westrac.com.au" email address, you can trust it. If you receive an email from any other email address, you should ignore it.

Our team will not use personal social media accounts to communicate with you. If someone contacts you on social media, claiming to be a WesTrac team member, you should ignore this person and report the incident and the account they used to us via our contact form.

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