Building Better Together

At WesTrac, we believe in the shared commitment to building a sustainable future for all; by emphasising collaboration and collective action. We strive for meaningful change, seeking and implementing ways to minimise our environmental impact while setting a new standard for our industry through ground-breaking solutions and transformative ideas.

We are focused on:

Responsibility    Advancement    Community    Inclusivity    Development    Solutions

Our way forward to the issues material to WesTrac

WesTrac is well-progressed in its sustainability journey and our vision is to be the customers’ first choice in equipment solutions by consistently demonstrating responsible environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices across all aspects of our business and supply chain. WesTrac is working hard with our customers, stakeholders, team members, and our communities toward implementing plans and solutions for long-term success and a positive impact on our environment, team members, and communities.

WesTrac base our ESG management around the six topics (listed above), which feature WesTrac's 10 key material issues. These material issues have been developed in alignment with the Global Reporting Initiative and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) and seek to create shared value across both our business and broader communities and stakeholders. WesTrac has committed to ambitious targets across each of these focus areas including reaching net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040.

We are also committed to helping our customers achieve their own ESG objectives. Particularly our work to bring Caterpillar® automation and electrification developments to our customers to ensure Australia’s resources and construction sectors benefit from being at the global leading edge of technological innovation.

In executing our strategy, we are focused on ensuring that any ESG initiative emanates from, and is owned by, an existing executive role, and is evaluated using the core decision processes, forums, and rules that apply to all mainstream business decisions. Similarly, when an ESG issue emerges, our starting point is always that the executive team itself needs to consider local and international best practices and trends, and understand and solve the issue, rather than relying on ‘turnkey’ solutions from an ESG advisor or consultancy. ESG issues are owned and solved within our businesses and therefore the strategies and initiatives we are executing will be more sustainable over the long term. We continuously seek out ESG practices and learnings both nationally and internationally to adopt in our business.

The continual success of our business relies on our ability to sustainably manage our environmental and social impacts while maintaining responsible governance over these processes. Towards 2030, we see an opportunity to make meaningful progress toward our ESG goals and look forward to collaborating with our teams, customers, and stakeholders along this journey.

Jarvas Croome

WesTrac Chief Executive Officer


Our more sustainable solutions

The mining and construction industries are subject to varying regulations when it comes to improving sustainability outcomes. The process is one of continual improvement, and stakeholders at every stage in the supply chain have a role to play. That includes equipment and technology providers like us.

We know our customers are working harder than ever to find safer, more productive and more sustainable equipment solutions. Caterpillar® and WesTrac are well-positioned to support customers in this journey - combining the industry’s broadest machine product and automation portfolio with the highest levels of engineering expertise.

To help make it easier for our mining and construction customers to identify the sustainable solutions we have available, we've created a leaf icon.

This leaf appears on any of of our products, services and technologies that are deemed to be a more sustainable solution. If you're looking for a sustainable solution for your business, be sure to look out for this leaf when browsing our website.

Building Better Together Leaf Icon White


Targeting zero emissions in mining

In this white paper we discuss emission reduction in the mining industry, supply chain initiatives, the Cat Trolley System, electrification limitations, upstream sustainability, fuel reduction strategies, autonomy benefits, MineStar technology and more. It also includes an in-depth case study on Newmont's autonomous haulage fleet rollout at Boddington.

Safety in construction

Safety is everyone’s business and being safe in the workplace is everyone’s right. The construction sector is one area where that focus on safety requires particular attention given the inherent risks associated with construction sites and the nature of the work undertaken on them.

Electrification redefines mining of the future

As the world looks to meet carbon reduction targets and sustainability goals, mining companies are turning to electrification as a tool to drive down emissions. In this blog and podcast, Mining Business Manager Matthew Spaapen explains how WesTrac is at the forefront of this electric wave.

Next generation construction operators lead the way with Cat XE machines

WesTrac’s longstanding partnership with Divall’s Earthmoving and Bulk Haulage business continues to flourish and achieve newfound benefits through the adoption of Next Generation XE Cat machines - a more sustainable option.
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