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You’ve invested in the best machines your operation can buy, and we want to help you keep your fleet in tip-top condition with the best hoses in the business.

You can buy a wide range of superior hose assembly and associated hose products right now on Parts.Cat.Com.

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the caterpillar & westrac difference

Caterpillar design their hoses assemblies to suit individual situations, at WesTrac we sell and custom manufacture hoses to suit unique customer requirements.

Caterpillar-engineered and WesTrac-manufactured hydraulic hoses are designed to work with Cat® hydraulic systems to allow for tight tolerances and higher system pressures for unsurpassed productivity.

Caterpillar have been designing and manufacturing hydraulic hoses since the 1960s, refining and testing their products to exceed the minimum industry standards. Caterpillar’s safety mindset and unmatched support delivers genuine value for your fleet – driving better value for your bottom line.

Cat hydraulic hose design

Designed as a system

Cat hydraulic hoses and couplings are designed and manufactured as a system so you can be sure of a reliable, durable product. High quality hoses and couplings will run better for longer, saving you on downtime and operating costs.

Contamination is the enemy

The number one enemy of your machine is contamination. It’s estimated that up to 85% of hydraulic failures are due to harmful contaminants in the system. Keeping the system clean and free of leaks is the key to achieving maximum productivity and life out of your hydraulic components.

Engineered for strength

Built for strength and longevity, Caterpillar hydraulic hose is crafted from high quality rubber formulas that are both strong and flexible, with engineered spiral wire reinforcement for maximum strength. All of this is protected by an extremely tough outer cover that resists almost anything the environment can throw at it: chemicals, weather, temperature and abrasion. Using computer-controlled hose assembly machines, our hoses are assembled by certified technicians, checked and tested stringently throughout the process, before being cleaned and capped for ultimate hygiene. Although they’re rugged, Cat hoses offer flexibility in any situation and on any machine.

Any Machine / Any Make / Any Model

Our hydraulic hoses are designed with Cat machines in mind – but can suit any machine no matter the make or model. We have user-friendly technology that also saves you time: with labels on the hose that gives you all the information you need to allow for quick access when ordering a new hose.

Hose manufacturing and repair service

Whatever your equipment needs – we’ll tailor a hydraulic hose solution to suit your operation and fleet.

We know you want to limit your machine's downtime, so our experienced team can work quickly to manufacture or repair hoses to ensure your machine is back up and running in no time.

We offer a fast and efficient hose manufacturing and repair service, no matter what your machine requirements.

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