FitFleet® Plus

FitFleet Plus

A FitFleet® Plus Customer Value Agreement (CVA) is a solution tailored to your operational needs that provides a range of additional benefits on top of Essentials.

Like Essentials, a Plus CVA allows you to access data-driven insights into the overall health and utilisation* of your machines and you'll receive fluid health advice, but the main difference is the cost of parts is covered in the Plus CVA. This means it's easier to manage your cash flow while you remain focused on delivering quality work.

 FitFleet Plus Benefits 


  • Data & Insights: You'll be able to access machine data to make smarter business decisions
  • Advice & Support: You'll receive advice and instructions to assist you with your machine and operations
  • Helpful Notifications: We'll monitor your machine and tell you when a service is due, you won't need to keep tabs
  • Convenient Delivery: Genuine Cat parts will be delivered right on time, the costs for which are covered
  • Productivity Boost: A properly maintained machine will be more productive
  • Increased Life-cycle: A properly maintained machine will have a longer life
  • Smooth Cash Flow: Flexible payment options ensure you have a smoother cash flow


Realising the benefits of maintaining a FitFleet CVA - by WesTrac Group Manager Client Solutions Chelsea Gray


Manage your cash-flow with ease by covering the cost of parts in your FitFleet Plus CVA.

You have the flexibility of choosing to pay:

  1. Per-hour-usage rate (utilisation)
  2. PAYG (pay as you go)
  3. Flat monthly fee - selected assets only
  4. Bundled into purchase price - selected assets only

Contact our team to discuss which payment method is suitable for your operational needs and asset. 


You choose the duration. We recommend 12 months or more.

*Depending on the type of machine


Parts Only Customer Support Agreements (PO-CSA) are now referred to as FitFleet Plus Customer Value Agreements (CVAs).

nsw/act only

FitFleet for Technology (FFT)

FFT is an end-to-end solution that helps you get the most out of your Cat Next Gen Performance Excavator with additional technology support from WesTrac. FFT is a 'Tech Support' upgrade for all FitFleet levels.

fitfleet plus testimonial

Fazil Nazim, Managing Director of Alltracks Plant Hire, has all of his equipment on FitFleet Plus CVAs. This helps him manage cash flow and ensure required parts are on hand when technicians go out to site, eliminating down time. FitFleet also provides opportune time-frames to plan for scheduled services, as well as having parts sent to wherever the machine is working. Watch the video below to find out more or click below to read the full story.

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