Cat Certified Rebuilds

Hydraulic Cylinder Rebuilds

Maintain Hydraulic performance & Machine Availability

hydraulic cylinder

To reduce downtime and avoid unexpected costs, best practice is to repair or rebuild hydraulic cylinders during scheduled maintenance. However, should a problem arise while operating, act fast – leaky seals can expose hydraulic components to contaminants. This can damage control valves, pumps and other rotating components and lead to unnecessary further expense.

Unrivalled 24 hour support

WesTrac offers 24/7 parts availability, overnight service and four, unrivalled fixed price hydraulic cylinder repair options, including re-rod.

Losses you can't afford

When a hydraulic system isn’t operating at peak efficiency, the machine is robbed of performance. Efficiency losses can reach 20% before the operator even detects a problem. In a five-day work week, this translates to one day of lost production & increased fuel consumption.

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