FitFleet® Essentials

FitFleet Essentials

A FitFleet® Essentials Customer Value Agreement (CVA) is a standard inclusion with all new machines. It can also be applied to any used machine or rental.

On an Essentials CVA, you'll get data-driven insights into the overall health and utilisation* of your machines, captured via Cat® Product Link hardware on your machine and presented through a user-friendly interface.

While on Essentials, we'll contact you to:

  • let you know when a service is due;
  • advise on required parts and labour costs;
  • advise on machine productivity;
  • organise delivery of parts; and
  • book in any labour required if you are not planning to carry it out yourself

 FitFleet Essentials Benefits 


  • Data & Insights: You'll be able to access machine data to make smarter business decisions
  • Advice & Support: You'll receive advice and instructions to assist you with your machine and operations
  • Helpful Notifications: We'll monitor your machine and tell you when a service is due, you won't need to keep tabs
  • Convenient Delivery: Genuine Cat parts will be delivered when you place an order, charged as you go
  • Productivity Boost: A properly maintained machine will be more productive
  • Increased Life-cycle: A properly maintained machine will have a longer life


Realising the benefits of maintaining a FitFleet CVA - by WesTrac Group Manager Client Solutions Chelsea Gray


A FitFleet Essentials CVA is a standard inclusion with all new machines. It can also be applied to any used machine or rental.

You'll pay for genuine Cat parts, labour and delivery 'as you go'. If you don't need our labour, you'll be able to conduct all maintenance yourself. If you don't need delivery, you can pick up your parts or use 'Click & Collect'. Easy as!

Terms and Conditions

To maintain your Essentials Customer Value Agreement, you'll need to:

  1. Purchase genuine Cat PM Parts from WesTrac; and
  2. Use WesTrac for fluid health management (sampling); OR
  3. Perform an annual TA1 inspection using Cat Inspect.


You'll be on an Essentials CVA for the length of the machine's warranty period or 12 months if you have purchased a Cat Certified Used machine.

*Depending on the type of machine

nsw/act only

FitFleet for Technology (FFT)

FFT is an end-to-end solution that helps you get the most out of your Cat Next Gen Performance Excavator with additional technology support from WesTrac. FFT is a 'Tech Support' upgrade for all FitFleet levels.


Cody Jamieson, Owner of Jamieson Civil & Earthmoving, has his new equipment on FitFleet Essentials CVAs. Cody explains, “FitFleet allows WesTrac and my team to monitor the health of our machines. We get phone calls, emails and alerts when there are any issues or faults with the machines and notifications of any services coming up. It lets us keep our mind on the job while FitFleet watches over us, kind of like a guardian angel.” Watch the video below to find out more or click below read the full story.

Level up your fleet

Interested in FitFleet?

Send a message to our Services Team and they'll be in touch to discuss which FitFleet Customer Value Agreement is suitable for your operation.

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