FitFleet® Ultimate

FitFleet Ultimate

FitFleet® Ultimate is the highest-level Customer Value Agreement (CVA), providing total peace-of-mind that all maintenance and repairs will be managed by expert WesTrac technicians as required.

On FitFleet Ultimate CVA you’ll benefit from:

  • Access to your machine data to track the health of your machine and keep it working when you need it to.
  • Advice and instructions through asset condition monitoring reports to assist you with your machine and operations.
  • You won’t need to worry about parts, our Field Service technicians will bring the genuine Cat® Parts needed when they complete your preventative maintenance event.
  • WesTrac will handle all of your preventative maintenance events with a Cat certified maintenance plan and recorded service history. We'll contact you to let you know when we'll be performing maintenance servicing on your machine, ensuring you have ample time to make arrangements.
  • WesTrac will monitor your asset's ongoing performance and take care of any repairs as required.
  • Known fixed costs on preventative maintenance events, repairs and Genuine Cat parts for the term of your contract, offering smoother cash flow and total peace of mind.
  • A proactively maintained machine that leads to a longer life and increased productivity.


With expert WesTrac technicians taking care of all required maintenance servicing and repairs, you'll:

  • Control costs by not needing to retain expensive maintenance/repair technicians.
  • Be able to redistribute resources to focus on other areas of your business.
  • Have peace of mind knowing your fleet will be in tip-top condition.
  • Not have to worry about crippling expenses when a major repair is required.


Manage your cash-flow with ease by covering the cost of parts, maintenance and repairs in your FitFleet Ultimate CVA.

You have the flexibility of choosing to pay:

  1. Per-hour-usage rate (utilisation)
  2. PAYG (pay as you go)
  3. Flat monthly fee - selected assets only
  4. Bundled into purchase price - selected assets only

Data driven insights into the hours, health and performance of your machine
Service events conducted by Caterpillar® Trained Experts
Genuine Cat parts delivered to your location
Equipment health inspection
Flexible payment options
Reduced service rate
Equipment health management
Equipment health management
Access to WesTrac FitFleet Portal
Asset conditioning monitoring reporting provided
Asset condition monitoring analysis by expert
Fluid sampling through S.O.S
Equipment warranty details
Fixed price repairs with Genuine Cat Parts by Caterpillar Trained Experts
Security in support
Security in support
Dealer developed and maintained maintenance plan
Cat certified maintenance plan and recorded service history
Dealer tracks machine usage and service scheduling

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FitFleet for Technology (FFT)

FFT is an end-to-end solution that helps you get the most out of your Cat Next Gen Performance Excavator with additional technology support from WesTrac. FFT is a 'Tech Support' upgrade for all FitFleet levels.

fitfleet ultimate testimonial

Luke Bashforth is the Director of J&M Bashforth & Sons. Luke says FitFleet CVAs are precisely what’s required to enable his business to go about its core duties without the risk or frustration of unplanned downtime and delays. FitFleet currently covers 19 of Luke's Cat® machines, with 6 of them being on FitFleet Ultimate. Watch the video below to find out more or click below to read the full story.

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