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Does your construction operation or jobsite involve loading and hauling? We know one of your biggest concerns is keeping production on track, with short cycle times and accurate loads.

Cat® PAYLOAD technologies give loading tool operators instant feedback inside the cab that helps them load precisely the right amount of material every time, optimising production and reducing unnecessary truck wear and damage.

PAYLOAD also enables managers to accurately track hourly and daily production rates while monitoring material movement in real time. It helps them to maximise every load to ensure no money is being left on the table.

As the authorised Cat dealer for NSW, WA and ACT in Australia, WesTrac is your go-to source for the latest payload tools and measurement equipment for operations that involve loading and hauling.

Cat PAYLOAD Compatible Machine Types

Instant Load Weights At Your Fingertips

Cat PAYLOAD technologies bring payload weighing to the cab, helping your operators work more productively. Operators can instantly view load weights in real-time on the in-cab monitor display and know precisely how much material is in the bucket and in the truck, every load, every time. Complete integration with the machine's systems ensures precision on-board weighing with simple, intuitive controls. An easy-to-read display shows bucket and truck load weights, while tracking load counts and material movements. Hauling systems also use additional payload lamps and external scoreboards to indicate load status to the loader operator.

PAYLOAD technologies provide instant payload feedback, giving operators the confidence to quickly fill loads to maximum capacity—avoiding under-loading that reduces productivity and overloading that can lead to safety concerns, fines and excessive wear on equipment and haul roads. Operators can optimise the loading cycle by adjusting load volumes before leaving the stockpile, saving the time and cost of recycling trucks back to the yard for payload adjustments. It all adds up to lower operating costs to move material and more profit for your bottom line.

How will PAYLOAD benefit my operation?

Cat PAYLOAD technology

Cat PAYLOAD technologies are available on new Cat equipment from the factory or as dealer-installed options. Some systems are available as retrofits for select Cat loading and hauling equipment. WesTrac can help you choose the right PAYLOAD technology, manage installation if needed and train your people to help you get the best possible return on your investment. Note: Cat PAYLOAD technology requires a VisionLink® Advanced Productivity subscription for wireless connectivity via Product Link cellular radio, or VIMSpc software and cable for connected data download.

What are the benefits of PAYLOAD?

  • Higher productivity from operators
  • Prevent under-loading and reloading
  • Accurate performance reporting
  • Reduces unnecessary truck wear & damage
  • Improves fuel efficiency, saves on fuel costs
  • Helps retain skilled operators
  • Avoid overload fines


When Western Australian iron ore mining company Fenix Resources was looking to improve efficiency and productivity at its material handling and ship loading facilities, the Cat 982 Next Generation Wheel Loader proved to be a smart investment.

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