Cat Command

Every operator deserves a safe environment

Keep your people safe, your operation efficient and your equipment running. Our Technology Team can help you apply the right level of automation to achieve all three of those goals on your jobsite, whether that's operator assistance, remote control, semi-autonomous, full autonomy or any combination.

With Cat® Command, you choose the capabilities of automation that make sense for your construction operation. Keep your operators out of harm's way but still in control with our remote-technology. Or run your machines autonomously and safely around other equipment, vehicles and people.

As the authorised Cat dealer for NSW, WA and ACT in Australia, WesTrac is your go-to source for the latest in machine automation technology.

Cat COMMAND Compatible Machine Types

The Benefits of Using Cat COMMAND

  • Increase production by working where and when other machines and operators cannot, and by reducing shift change and travel times
  • Improve operator performance by eliminating the effects of vibration and sound, reducing operator fatigue
  • Increase safety on job-sites by keeping operators off machines in hazardous work environments

Flexible Options

Taking advantage of proven systems and technologies, as well as significant advances in remote sensing and guidance, COMMAND delivers a range of equipment systems that require varying levels of operator involvement.

All of these solutions (below) result in safer overall job sites, with reduced human presence on the site itself. Plus, operations have the potential to be more efficient and productive, with less chance for operator injury or error.

Have a look at the options below and contact our team to discuss which one is the most suitable for your operation.

Cat Command Options

Cat Command Technology

Remote Control

Requires human operators for most machine functions, but removes the operators from the equipment itself. These systems enable operators to works from a safe location that may be well away from the physical job site.


Allows operators to work from a remote location while automating significant portions of the work cycle, relieving operators of some of the most tedious or demanding tasks.

Fully Autonomous

Entirely eliminates the need for human machine operators. Machines are directed by a system that tells them where to go and what to do, but their on-board intelligence systems “decide” on their own how to navigate to the prescribed work area and accomplish assigned tasks.

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Interested in technology?

Send a message to our Technology Team and they'll be in touch to provide any information you require about the various technologies we have available.

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