Being Made for More means living by our values. The Made for More culture at WesTrac is made by each team member’s individual contribution. As a team, we collectively identified a common set of values that we want to underpin our culture – we refer to these as our SPARC values. They cover everything from safety, to the way we treat each other, our customers, and our business.

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Values are the foundation of our culture

Culture Transformation

The Made for More culture is our collective values and vision to have a business that is safe, enjoyable and productive. WesTrac’s cultural transformation means re-evaluating the values and behaviours that bolster our success as a business and build reputation. After consultation with team members from all areas of our business, we launched SPARC values – a set of values that apply to every team member, every day.

SPARC is an acronym for safe, pride, accountable, respect, and customer. Having an agreed set of values has allowed us to set clear expectations, which in turn allows us to have fair conversations when those expectations aren't met and celebrations when expectations are exceeded.

The foundations of the culture at WesTrac are our SPARC values which reflect our brand and business, whilst supporting of our future direction and vision.

SPARC Values

We refer to our values as SPARC:

  • Safety - Looking out for me and my mates
  • Pride - Demonstrating pride in our work, business and customers
  • Accountability - Taking ownership and responsibility for our actions
  • Respect - Valuing and acknowledging the views, achievements and differences of others (diversity)
  • Customer - Providing solutions, service and satisfaction to our customers

Pride in action

Ricky Reynolds is a WesTrac Apprentice and an avid photographer who takes pride in his work and business. He demonstrates pride using his prowess behind the camera and has since amassed a sizable following on Instagram as @yellow_apprentice. Follow him for some amazing shots!

The Yellow Apprentice

Safety in action

Each day when we pull on our WesTrac shirt, we live by our SPARC values and act safely to set an example for others. Looking out for me and my mates also means taking responsibility for your own wellbeing and looking out for the wellness of others. We support Mates in Construction and R U OK Day, whilst providing an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). We support Mates in Construction and R U OK Day, whilst providing an Employee Assistance Program (EAP).
Made for More Safety

Customer in action

WesTrac is well underway in the delivery of a fleet of autonomous haul trucks to Newmont’s Boddington gold mine. The investment in autonomous haulage – the first use of the technology in a gold mining application – is expected to extend the life of the Boddington operation, which is WA’s largest gold producing mine.

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