MineStar Edge

an operational ecosystem for your surface mine

What if you could use proven Cat® MineStar™ technologies across you entire mining organisation and have visibility to every aspect of your operation? What if you had near-real-time access to data that was up to 98% accurate? And what if you could make changes in-shift while already knowing the impact they would have further down the value chain?

With Cat MineStar EDGE, you can.

What is Cat MineStar Edge?

MineStar EDGE is a new technology platform designed for smaller mining operations and quarries. EDGE provides many of the fleet management capabilities of MineStar FLEET, via a simpler, lower-cost, cloud-based system with easy-to-install onboard hardware.

EDGE creates an operational ecosystem that gives you visibility to every aspect of your operation, allowing you to efficiently execute your mine plan and deliver optimal quality to the plant and to the surface.

MineStar EDGE makes it possible to measure, manage, analyse and optimise your entire operation. And because it’s delivered as a cloud-based, subscription-managed application, it lowers costs and delivers a better user experience.

What are the features and benefits?

MineStar EDGE:

  • gathers SMU data continuously from ALL assets (not just Cat brand)
  • delivers high-accuracy data recording, reducing downstream errors
  • provides the ability to replay shifts in great detail (useful for investigations)
  • records when equipment is available, down, operating or stopped
  • measures time when equipment is not productive and applies machine-learning
  • classifies downtime as scheduled or unscheduled
  • allows you to better manage/measure operators by tracking performance
  • helps improve equipment availability, reliability and production

Cat MineStar Edge

Is Cat MineStar EDGE suitable for my operation?

Cat MineStar is a solution designed for larger mining organisations with big fleets. Before EDGE, there wasn't a comparable solution for smaller operators and quarries, which meant they were missing out on all the benefits that come with a comprehensive mine operations system. Until now.

EDGE provides a way for smaller operators to access the benefits that come with digital equipment tracking and production recording, at a cost that works for them.

EDGE is suitable for mining organisations or quarries, with small-to-medium size fleets, who are still relying on paper in one or more operational areas, i.e. paper-based reports, time cards and incident tracking.

Is Cat MineStar Edge scalable?

Yes, EDGE is a fully scalable solution that allows you to add functionality as your operation grows in size. With EDGE, you only pay for what you need.

How do I get MineStar Edge?

To begin accessing all the benefits that come with EDGE, you'll need to get in touch with our Technology Team.

Mining White Paper

Targeting Zero Emissions in Mining

Mining is subject to a range of regulations and public scrutiny when it comes to improving sustainability. There are no specific metrics to identify just how far miners need to go – but as this whitepaper discusses, it is a process of continual improvement, and stakeholders at every stage in the supply chain have a role to play.

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