Condition Monitoring

The WesTrac Condition Monitoring team currently monitors thousands of machines on existing FitFleet subscriptions. Condition monitoring is critical to preventative maintenance and initiating proactive repairs to avoid machine downtime caused by failure.

keeping your machinery in top-notch condition 

Condition Monitoring (CM) is one of the core benefits of being on a FitFleet agreement, which includes access to our experienced CM team.

CM is a proactive approach that allows you to gain deeper insights into the health of your Cat® equipment by interpreting the signals it provides about its own condition. It provides valuable information about what’s happening inside your machines, which, in turn, helps you set up an effective and comprehensive long-term health plan for each piece of Cat machinery in your fleet.

At WesTrac, we recognise your primary focus should be on running your business and getting the earthmoving work done, not worrying about whether your machinery will let you down when you need it most. That’s why we offer four different types of FitFleet® Customer Value Agreements (CVA) - to ensure there is a suitable agreement for every type of machine in your fleet. 

What are the benefits of condition monitoring?

Control Costs

  • Schedule repairs before failure, limiting expensive downtime
  • Perform maintenance when it’s needed, not too soon or too late
  • Extend component life by tracking condition, not hours
  • Identify areas where you can reduce idle time and fuel burn

Improve Performance

  • Allocate assets more efficiently
  • Make changes to your site that boost production and efficiency
  • Determine the ideal time to upgrade or replace older equipment

Reduce Risks

  • Avoid safety incidents resulting from equipment or component failure
  • Identify unsafe situations or risky behavior before accidents occur
  • Monitor fatigue and distraction in the cab (requires the Driver Safety System)

Manage People

  • Spot opportunities to train operators to work more accurately or safely
  • Free up your internal resources for other jobs
  • Catch and fix human errors before they lead to major issues

what does condition monitoring involve?

Condition Monitoring involves the WesTrac CM Team monitoring the health of your connected equipment.

Our team monitors the health of your equipment through:

  • The Cat® S•O•S™ Services Program - Fluid sampling using state-of-the-art technology
  • Cat Product Link™ - Hardware that wirelessly sends events and fault codes to our team
  • Equipment Inspections - Which could be carried out using Cat Inspect
  • Work Order History
  • Cat Electronic Technician (ET) - Diagnostic tool used by WesTrac technicians to diagnose existing and potential problems

How can condition monitoring reduce my overall total operating costs?

WesTrac understands that when it comes to running a successful business, controlling expenses is critical. The formula for success in business is not rocket science - when you successfully lower expenses whilst increasing income, you're on the way to steady growth.

How can CM lower my expenses?

  • It extends the life of your components, systems and machines by alerting you when it's time for maintenance, before any costly damage is incurred.
  • It increases efficiency in your machines, enabling them to run at optimal performance, which saves you fuel costs.
  • It helps you to know and plan for heavy equipment replacement costs. Since these are such big parts of your operating budget, this knowledge is crucial to have.
  • It allows you to plan maintenance downtime to work more efficiently.

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