To be a leading Australian corporate contributor to the circular economy.


To be a leading Australian corporate contributor to the circular economy.

Avoiding wasted materials and promoting a circular resource economy is at the core of WesTrac’s operations as seen through our extensive focus on remanufacturing. Caterpillar and WesTrac understand that waste avoidance begins at the design phase of our equipment.

Caterpillar have committed within their Sustainability Goals that all new products will be more sustainable than the previous generations. All materials used will be high quality and reliable to avoid the need for replacement and improve efficiency. This use of high-quality materials also means that at the end of the machine’s life, the materials can be remanufactured into new equipment, reducing waste generation, water consumption and emissions generation associated with the building of new machines.

Towards 2030, WesTrac will continue to expand and improve our remanufacturing capabilities while collaborating with our suppliers and customers to create meaningful progress within this space.

WesTrac services and solutions that contribute to the circular economy:

FlexiParts 2022 

Key focus areas

  • Collaborating with our suppliers to encourage low-waste/recyclable packaging
  • Seeking out opportunities to purchase recycled materials for use within our business
  • Expanding remanufacturing operations wherever possible
  • Incorporating circular economy opportunities where possible

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