Engine Component Rebuild


Cat engines are built for multiple lifecycles. A WesTrac engine rebuild ensures that you are getting maximum value for your investment.

How much can you save?

On average it is 2.5 times more expensive to repair after failure than before failure. As an example of the savings you'll make by investing in an engine component rebuild, the costs involved in a level 1 rebearing/reseal start from only 25% of new.

We classify engine parts into 3 levels

It pays to ensure regular replacement and maintenance of:

A. Fast wear parts

Fastest wearing, non-reusable, should be replaced at regular overhauls. E.g. piston rings, bush and valve guide.

B. Slow wear parts

Slower wearing, can be reused with discretion and regular maintenance. E.g. pistons, cylinders and camshafts.

C. Very slow wear parts

With regular before failure repairs, they should last the life of the machine, so not usually replaced during overhauls. E.g. cylinder block, cylinder head and crankshaft.

Classification of parts for engine rebuilds

How to maintain engine performance and lower repair costs over time

  • Promptly replace Fast Wear and Slow Wear parts to avoid damage of Very Slow Wear parts.
  • Use Genuine Cat engine oil and filters.
  • Perform scheduled oil sampling (SOS™) for early detection and elimination of potential failures.
  • Select Caterpillar-compliant pollution control workshops to perform engine repairs.

Engine component rebuilds at WesTrac

Choose your level of repair

Every engine rebuild starts with four key questions:

  1. Ownership - How long do you plan to own the machine?
  2. Utilisation - How much/often do you plan on using the machine?
  3. Affordability -What are your price expectations?
  4. Turnaround - How quickly does your machine need to get back to work?

Based on your answers to these four questions, we would recommend one of three levels of repair as outlined in the table below.

Optimise performance and reliability

Ideal for all C9 to C15 engines, we offer a wide range of rebuild options to suit your budget, utilisation needs and timing requirements. All options offer quality and choice with unrivaled access to parts and components as well as expert dealership servicing. Our repair options are designed to provide different products, services and solutions to deliver the best value to your business, whatever your circumstance may be. We can take on a more consultative role with you – acting as a business partner rather than just a supplier.

Which option and level is suitable for you?

To help determine what level of repair is suitable for your engine, we've put together a detailed brochure that details what is covered at each level. Download the brochure below or get in touch with our Rebuilds team to discuss pricing and timings.

The WesTrac Advantage

Why WesTrac?

At WesTrac, we work with you to extend the life of your engine.

We offer a wide range of rebuild options to suit your budget, utilisation needs and timing requirements.

We offer quality and choice with unrivaled access to parts and components across the Caterpillar Dealer Network.

Three reasons to choose WesTrac

1. Broad range of options

Our comprehensive rebuild options include the flexibility to choose from a low cost refresh of your engine to a full overhaul incorporating the latest technical updates, all rebuilt to Caterpillar specifications.

2. Expert advice

Our Cat certified technicians provide all the expertise needed to work with you to find the most reliable, cost effective solution for your needs. Lower risk, better value.

3. Timely quotes and repair

WesTrac has the resources and capacity to turn your job around, when you need it. Our processes and scheduling ensure due diligence is observed, and no corners are cut.

The advantages
  • Delivered on time, and at a fixed price
  • Serviced via your local WesTrac branch
  • 12 months warranty on parts and labour
  • Free freight from your local WesTrac branch to our engine rebuild facility
  • Caterpillar specified testing, tuning and tooling
  • Engine Rebuild Facility
  • Genuine Cat Parts
  • 15 branches and 12 resident technicians across NSW

let's do the work

Need a service?

Send a message to our Services Team and they'll be in touch to discuss your needs and get to work on a solution that suits your operation.

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