FitFleet Fleet Dashboard

Manage your FitFleet plan, view total assets and access warranty information.

Fleet Dashboard

By utilising FitFleet's Fleet Dashboard you can access a variety of information about your business account with WesTrac, such as:

  • FitFleet Plan
  • Total Assets
  • Warranties

> FitFleet Plan 

The FitFleet Plan tile contains information about your FitFleet contracts across all four of our separate plan offerings - 'Essentials', 'Plus', 'Premium' and 'Ultimate'.

This tile further allows you to view all your fleet business assets by both 'Assets with Plans' and 'Assets without Plans'.

Assets With Plans 

This tab displays all listed machine assets with a current and active FitFleet plan in place. By clicking on the individual assets, you can view your plan inclusions, upgrade or renew your plan and request a service for the individual machine.

Assets Without Plans

Select this tab to view each of your machine assets that don't currently have an active FitFleet plan. Through clicking on individual assets, you can add a FitFleet plan to a machine as well as request a service.

> Total Assets 

The 'Total Assets' tile provides you with an overview of all machines in your fleet, summarised by the different machine sub-group categories. Use the tile tabs to navigate between 'Overview', 'Machines', 'Attachments' and 'PIP/PSP'.



For a summary list of all your machines in your fleet click on the 'Machines' tab. Through this view for each machine, you can see its Asset ID, Model, Sub-Group, Hours Used, Purchase Data and any applicable attachments.

When you select an individual machine you can set its Asset ID, submit an intention to change ownership of the machine and request a service.


A summary of your individual machine attachments, and if applicable, which machine in your fleet they are attached to.


To view your PIP/PSPs click on the last tab within the 'Total Assets' tile. This tab also contains the options to 'Set Asset ID', 'Change Ownership' and 'Request a Service', with the addition of being able to request a PSP service as well. Once you submit the associated request form a WesTrac team member will contact you within one business day to follow up.

> Warranties

The addition of the dedicated 'Warranties' tile allows you to view details for all existing assets as well as the ability to extend.

To request a warranty extension, simply select the machine and click 'Extend Warranty' in the dropdown menu. Complete the request form and a WesTrac team member will be in contact within one business day to follow up.


To access the Fleet Dashboard, select the machine icon in the navigation bar.

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