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When you invest in quality Cat equipment, you want to continue to maintain its built-in value. A piece of Cat equipment is designed and built for longevity and optimal operating economy – so you want to maximise its value through top-notch servicing and support. WesTrac helps you maintain that built-in value with a tailored Customer Support Agreement.

What is a CSA?

A Customer Support Agreement (CSA) is a deal between you and WesTrac to get the most out of your machine and the right results for your operation. You choose the CSA that suits your needs: from simple servicing to repairs and maintenance.

A CSA is fully-tailored to you, no matter the size of your fleet or equipment. Whether you have one machine or 20, an existing fleet or are about to invest, a Customer Support Agreement is designed to suit your needs.

Each CSA is flexible: we work together with you to come up with a service plan that suits your operation and your equipment. Our team members sit down with you to craft a solution that will maintain your equipment and drive your operating costs down. Ultimately, we want to help you get more done at a lower cost with the best possible results.

We offer advice to suit you and your operation. We’ll talk through your requirements, whether they’re regular, basic machine inspections or the ultimate in fully maintained agreements.

If you want to know more, watch the videos at the bottom of this page.

Are there different types?

CSAs are customised to suit the needs of your business and scalable. There are three types available:

  1. Parts Only Agreement (PO-CSA)
  2. Preventative Maintenance Agreement (PM-CSA)
  3. Total Maintenance & Repair Agreement (TM&R-CSA)

1. Parts Only CSA (PO-CSA)

A PO-CSA is for DIY customers who only require parts delivered, on time, to their door. We will even deliver parts right to the machine on-site. With a PO-CSA, you won’t have to worry about parts for your machines. It takes the hassle away from keeping track of parts and saves you time when it comes to ordering. It provides:

  • Interval management by our technology team
  • Customer self inspection 
  • Dealer recorded history
  • Flexible parts payment options to help you manage cash flow
  • Genuine Cat parts delivered when you need them

Preventative Maintenance CSA (PM-CSA)

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More precise engineering, tighter system tolerances, electronic controls, higher operating pressures and more sophisticated component designs combine to make preventive maintenance more important—and more complex—than ever before. A PM-CSA can help you maintain the efficiency of your Cat® equipment at a surprisingly low cost. We’ll do the work on-site or at our professional service facilities... whatever is most convenient for you. A PM-CSA provides:

  • Expert technicians perform services at factory-specified intervals using genuine Cat parts
  • Simplified, fixed pricing to help you manage cash flow
  • Flexible scheduling and services performed after business hours
  • Well documented service history increases resale value
  • Inspections and SOS Fluid Analysis detect potential problems early, reducing failures and repair costs

Total Maintenance & Repair CSA (TM&R-CSA)

Customer Support Agreements at WesTrac
A TM&R-CSA covers all of the maintenance and repair costs for a piece of Cat® equipment for a specified period of time. So instead of paying for maintenance or repairs as they are needed, you pay one flat rate to cover all aspects of parts and services. With a TM&R Agreement, you won’t have to worry about maintenance intervals or paying for repairs. It’s the ultimate cost management tool for all types of Cat equipment, which provides:

  • Expert service by highly trained technicians using genuine Cat parts
  • Simplified, fixed pricing
  • Maximum machine availability
  • Freedom to concentrate on other aspects of your business
  • Increased resale value
  • Condition Monitoring

Why flexibility matters

Every operation’s different. From cash-flow to work-flow, no two operations run to the same schedule. That’s why our CSAs not only take into account how you use your machines, we also consider how you can best factor in the costs. From monthly fees to other arrangements based on actual production hours – talk to us and we’ll come up with a payment option that suits you and your operation.

Equipment downtime has a cost of lost productivity and income, so we want to help you make it as minimal as possible. With over twenty year’s experience in equipment management, we’ve found that offering scheduled servicing to our customers helps us find equipment problems before they occur. This proactive treatment saves time and money through fewer repairs and less unscheduled downtime.

Take a step beyond warranty

Preventative maintenance is the best guarantee for your investment in quality Cat equipment. However, with so many things to consider when you’re running an operation, it can be easy to let regular services slide. A CSA puts the responsibility onto our experienced technicians to maximise your equipment with regular, specified servicing.

Another benefit to a CSA is resting assured that every service will exclusively use genuine Cat parts and maintenance products. Every time.

No matter where you’re located we offer service and support when and where you need it. We have over 30 branches and more than 220 services vehicles, so we can come to you, or make it easy to get to us.

Every member of our team is highly trained to deliver the best value in every equipment service according to your needs and CSA.

Take control of your operation by using a CSA to better manage your equipment fleet over its life and reduce your costs, increase your profit, productivity and uptime.

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