VisionLink Unified Suite

Empower your machinery to do the work, smarter and harder. VisionLink Unified Suite is an asset monitoring platform that can be used on any device to give you insight into the performance and productivity of your fleet. Delivering enhanced performance and speed, along with configurable features that allow you to streamline your asset monitoring, VisionLink helps you DO MORE.

What is VisionLink?

How will VisionLink benefit me?

Customisable dashboards allow you to display your fleet's information in a way that makes sense to you and your team. With its responsive design, VisionLink Unified Suite applications automatically adjust their layout to best fit your device size – meaning you can move seamlessly from a desktop to a mobile and still have the same features and functionality.

The single sign-on technology means you can switch from app to app without needing to keep logging on – it’s simple! And if you press the back button, it won’t log you out. Auto-complete fields for search will also make things smoother and easier.

Too many notifications? Not a problem – you choose which alerts you receive and when. You choose what’s important. You can also choose to set up scheduled reports and notifications so that important information is sent to you automatically at the time of day that suits your workflow. It’s also possible to set targets to keep track of when they’re met, are lagging, or even exceeded!

About the VisionLink Unified Suite
  • The VisionLink Unified Suite is comprised of four core powerful new fleet tracking apps that give you greater insight into your fleet.

These apps will give you insight into productivity and health of all your Cat equipment and any allied brands. The apps take telematics data from your machine and offer a simple management solution to help you manage your fleet easier and do more with your operation.

The four VisionLink apps include:

  • VisionLink Unified Fleet
  • VisionLink Unified Service
  • VisionLink Unified Productivity
  • VisionLink Administrator


Designed for fleet and equipment managers, along with owner/operators, you can keep track of hours, location, idling time, fuel use and asset operation.

VisionLink Unified Fleet


Hone your focus on maintenance with access to equipment fault codes, Cat Inspect inspection results, fluid samples and all maintenance functionality.

VisionLink Service


This project management solution gives you a consolidated view of all productivity information in a single app. View utilisation, payload and Load and Cycle Monitoring data in one unified app.

VisionLink Productivity


Reports, users, notifications, group projects and all configuration is managed in this simple solution to common business problems.

VisionLink Administrator

Cat Product Link

Cat® Product Link™ is the hardware device that makes VisionLink work. Available with satellite or cellular connectivity, it has scalable features that enable increasing data collection as needed - from machine hours, fuel and location - to machine health parameters and production numbers.
Cat® Product Link™

Find more on My.Cat.Com

What is My.Cat.Com?

My.Cat.Com (MCC) is not just another way to get the most from your Cat equipment. This is your one-stop online Cat Dealer spot where you’ll find everything you need in the one place. It’s the place to access your parts and service records, schedule servicing and update your warranty online.

MCC helps you save time and money as all your key data is accessible in the one location. Need a service record? You’ll find it here. Warranty coverage? It’s on MCC. Working with your dealer, MCC helps you keep your operation and maintenance on track.


Stay organised with a simple planning tool that helps you identify tasks, allocate machines and staff and keep track of all your worksites with one easy overview.

Supplement MCC with the full VisionLink Unified Suite to get the most out of your equipment or choose a plan that suits you from the table below.

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