7 reasons you should consider consignment with WesTrac

Here are seven reasons why you should consider consigning your used machine to WesTrac, so we can sell it for you via the Cat® global dealer network.

1. Higher price than a quick sale (and you set it)

You could quickly sell your machine to WesTrac, or another buyer, but typically you’d be doing so at a lower price than you would get with consignment. When you consign your machine to WesTrac, you are in control and you set the price that you’d like to get for it. We’ll then work hard to ensure you get that price, or as close as we possibly can to it. You can then also decide whether you’ll accept a lower price (you are under no obligation to sell).

2. Thorough inspection process and advice helps you set the best price

WesTrac won’t sell any machine until it has gone through a thorough inspection process at one of our branches. An expert WesTrac representative will go over every part of your machine to accurately determine how much it might go for and then give you an estimation, which you can then use to set your price.

Our representative will also offer you advice on any improvements that could be made to your machine in order to increase its sale price and your profit. For example, your excavator might need a better bucket. The decision to make these improvements is up to you and, should you agree to any of them, WesTrac can take care of everything.

3. WesTrac’s reputation adds value and increases the price

When WesTrac sells a used machine, customers know that it has gone through a thorough inspection. Customers trust that WesTrac would never sell a lemon. Our reputation in the industry therefore adds value and can make a significant difference on the price you set.

4. Transport can be handled by WesTrac

When selling used equipment, one of the biggest (and most expensive) hassles is transportation. When we sell your machine for you, transportation isn’t an issue. We can pick the machine up from you and deliver it to the buyer when it sells. Alternatively, if you have access to transportation services, you can handle this yourself.

WesTrac transports all types and sizes of machinery, every day, to customers right across WA, NSW and ACT. We have ongoing agreements with large transport providers that ensure we get the lowest possible price when it comes to machine transport. By consigning your machine to WesTrac, you’ll have access to lower transportation costs, which puts more profit in your pocket.

5. Access to easy financing for the buyer (via Cat Financial)

Due to the high costs involved, one of the biggest barriers to closing a deal on a heavy piece of machinery is financing. Customers often struggle to secure financing and this process can take a long time. When a customer buys any piece of equipment (new or used) from WesTrac, they have access to easy financing via Cat Financial. Having this readily available for the customer could be the deciding factor.

6. Access to the Cat global dealer network

Being a Cat® dealer, WesTrac is part of the Cat global dealer network. This network covers 191 countries and includes 165 dealers, over 2,300 branches and more than 170,000 employees. When you consign your machine to WesTrac, we leverage this network to see if there are any dealers interested in purchasing your machine. This is like casting a rod into a lake filled with hungry fish, and we almost always get a few nibbles.

7. Your machine will get a lot more exposure in WesTrac’s inventory

When customers are looking to buy equipment (new or used), the first port of call for most of them is their trusted local dealership and sales rep. When you consign your machine to WesTrac, it is placed in our inventory and is therefore more likely to get purchased by one of our regular customers. For example, if a mining customer urgently needs a used D11T at a good price, they’ll call their WesTrac rep to find out if there any available.

If your machine is in our inventory, it’ll also go up on CatUsed.Cat.Com – Caterpillar’s global online used equipment catalogue website that gets hundreds of thousands of views every week. It’ll be placed on this website, with the seller listed as WesTrac, giving you the reputation perk outlined above.

What is the consignment process?

The ten steps involved in the consignment process at WesTrac

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