Built By Us: Changing culture from within - Part 2 (2020)

Part 2 of 2: WesTrac partnered with culture change specialist, Interchange, to co-design and implement an innovative program, leading to significant changes within a 12-month period.

Program Content and Delivery

The team of designers and creative consultants from Interchange developed learning content specifically for WesTrac, that would ultimately address their areas of opportunity.

The content was based on proven behavioural theories and frameworks and presented in ways that were best suited to WesTrac team members. The content incorporated engaging activities, which kept participant’s engagement levels high and one key element of this was for their team members to conduct a series of activities prior to attending their Built By Us sessions.

“It was Interchange’s creative approach combined with their strong focus on behavioural change that attracted WesTrac to partner with them on the design and delivery of their Built By Us program.”

- Gareth Hughes, WesTrac General Manager – Safety, Security & Risk NSW/ACT


WesTrac wanted to make the Built By Us workshops unlike anything their team members had ever participated in previously. Instead of simply presenting material, the Built By Us workshops, would act as an experiential learning environment and allow for robust conversation around the topics.

This discussion style workshop was a unique approach for the participants, which resulted in high engagement levels and a personal connection to the material.

With Interchange, one of the original WesTrac training rooms, was transformed into a club-house style space and instead of sitting at desks, the workshops were held in high backed armchairs, with team members and the facilitator sitting together, listening to each other’s stories and discussing the learning material.

Built By Us Workshop

“People coming together from different areas throughout WesTrac and learning about their role in driving the culture change agenda forward has resulted in a better and happier place for all.”

– WesTrac Leader

The Built By Us training room was unlike any other environment at WesTrac and allowed team members to leave preconceived ideas at the door and engage with the workshop with a relaxed and open mindset.


To further support and cement their newly acquired skills, people participated in two virtual coaching sessions with an Interchange Senior Leadership Coach. The leaders discussed any successes or challenges they had in regard to the strategies they had learned, and gained feedback and advice to further develop their skills.

“I felt more confident in having structured conversations with my team members after being supported by my coaching sessions.”

– WesTrac Leader

The Results

Feedback on Built By Us so far has been very positive, with WesTrac team members expressing their excitement about its initiation. From an engagement and culture perspective, WesTrac have been using their employee opinion survey, and a secondary culture survey to understand the shift in engagement.

In both NSW/ACT and WA, their recent engagement results have been astounding, demonstrating an uplift in team member engagement by 16% in NSW/ACT and in WA an uplift by 21% as compared to their 2017 results.

WesTrac are also seeing significant improvements in their safety performance with less injuries and a reduction in the severity of injuries. In 2020, they have been able to meet their lost time injury frequency rate target, which five years ago didn’t seem remotely achievable.

With a continued focus, the team are on the right path to achieving their total recordable injury frequency rate targets, again a major milestone for their business.

Numbers and targets aside, what is more pleasing is the commitment from WesTrac’s team members to demonstrate their SPARC values and look out for one another. Their goal at WesTrac is to ensure that their team members go home in the same, if not better state than when they arrived at work, including their emotional wellbeing.

Overall, team members have become more engaged with their work and colleagues, felt more valued since the decision to take action and commence their cultural transformation.

“Working with Interchange was a great experience for myself and the team. The level of creativity and expertise they brought to the project was exactly what we needed to make a real difference”. We can already see the shift in our culture and look forward to continuing in the direction we’re headed.”

Greg Graham, WesTrac Chief Executive, NSW/ACT

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