Carey Mining counts on FlexiParts

Don Kemp and Craig Gray from Carey Mining explain why FlexiParts plays an important role in keeping their equipment moving.

Don Kemp

"My name is Don Kemp, I work for Carey. I am the Asset Manager which looks after all the mobile equipment going through the fleet. Ranging from your little jump stump pumps at the bottom all the way up to your 992 loaders and your 120 tonne excavators.

Carey are currently operating out of Area C mine doing exploration work which is building drill pads, supplying ancillary equipment for maintaining the haul roads in the exploration sort of geoscience area.

Carey is very diverse in what they do. We've got different companies underneath the Carey Group. We've got Carey Mining. Carey Mining is predominately the operations arm of Carey. Then we've also got Carey Assets, which is myself and my team. We control all of the assets to service all of the jobs that Carey Mining have.

Don Kemp from Carey Mining

Predominately when we look at FlexiParts we know we're going to get at least a 20% discount, maybe 25%, sometimes up to 50%discount on what it is for getting the equivalent new parts straight out of WesTrac. They always give us different options to use and if they haven't got it, they tend to actually go outside the square and source it for us as well.

So we are always looking for the better, without dropping the quality of the purchase, but to get the best value for money. And what we get from FlexiParts sometimes shows a very large saving. I'll go back. We bought some ripper boots. We bought bulk because Flexi had them for our D9s and D10s, but that showed us a great saving. And GET is a very high cost area of the business depending on where the machines are working. So that showed us a good saving.

So I would recommend FlexiParts. There are multiple facets of that. One is the cost. It's the assistance we get from the team at FlexiParts. We make the one phone call there and the team always comes through with the goods. They're very upfront. If they don't have it, they don't have it. If they do, they do. If they can source it, they then try and source it for us. So it's that service component from FlexiParts that's a real benefit to us."

Craig Gray

"My name is Craig Gray. I'm the Purchasing Manager for Carey. Carey chooses FlexiParts for a number of reasons. One is the team and ringing up the team they've got the network of finding parts from where they're stripping parts or already having them in stock.

We had a situation that required an urgent ladder for one of our 992s. I searched everywhere looking for it. No-one had one. The nearest one was a brand new one out of USA. Called the team at FlexiParts and they were actually stripping down a 992 and had a ladder available to us. So luckily enough we were able to secure that ladder.

Craig Gray from Carey Mining

We have had times there where we've saved up to 50% and then down to 20% saving. It just depends on what the item is.

I would recommend FlexiParts to the wider community. At times they've helped Carey out greatly. And the savings that they do supply, not just... you could go elsewhere to get savings, everybody is in here as a Purchasing Manager, we get people in all the time, 'our product's this, our product's that'... but with FlexiParts you are getting the OEM product and you are getting it at a cheaper rate. Which is a win/win situation when you're in mining!"

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