Everything you need to know about Cat® MineStar™ Solutions

Cat MineStar Solutions is an industry leading comprehensive and thoroughly integrated suite of technology offerings. In his latest blog, Hossein Rajabnia covers everything you need to know about MineStar technologies.

Cat® MineStar™ Solutions is an industry leading comprehensive and thoroughly integrated suite of #technology offerings. In this article, #MineStar technologies and options will be introduced and described in summary.

Nowadays, technology is a must for industry. It brings safety, efficiency, and manipulates nature in ways that protect both humans and the environment. These items can be fulfilled in several different ways based on the type of industry. Among all industries, mining has always been recognised for its risks and safety issues, as well as concerns about efficiency in safeguarding machines, the environment, and workforce lives. Here is where technology steps in like a superhero to help mitigate these concerns. Specifically in the mining sector, asset location tracking, machine condition monitoring, operator safety, detections from different perspectives, machine health, and building blocks toward autonomy are among those steps that can make a big difference in enhancing efficiency from every aspect.

Monitoring equipment health, managing job site assets, communicating between the office and site, enhancing productivity, and reducing operational costs are key activities for any successful business in the industries we serve. From #GPS infrastructure to software products that predict failure before it happens, to after-sale support and service, Caterpillar provides solutions to help customers improve efficiency and enhance safety.

The suite of technology products, Cat MineStar Solutions, is classified into six different technology sets:

  1. Health
  2. Fleet
  3. Terrain
  4. Command
  5. Detect
  6. Edge

MineStar can track, monitor, manage and sometimes automate all types of assets — from people to production machines and to light vehicles on site. Whether you deploy a single technology or a multi-purpose solution, you can expect a safer, more productive, and more efficient operation. MineStar Solutions are tailored to the unique needs of the environment. No matter the size, type, or complexity of the underground or surface operation, MineStar plays a vital role in dealing with the challenges a mine site might face every day.

WesTrac, as the official Cat dealer in the NSW region, has successfully implemented and deployed these technologies for decades. It has developed region-tailored solutions to meet all NSW mining sector requirements, contributing significantly to safe mining practices with tangible results.

Now, let's have a brief look at each of these technologies and their functionalities.


As the name suggests, MineStar Health functions as a comprehensive health monitor for your machines. All critical machine information is under the surveillance of MineStar Health, enabling the detection and reporting of any events that endanger the machine's health. In essence, MineStar Health assists in improving asset reliability, reducing unplanned downtime, and preventing failures that can lead to lost productivity and costly repairs.

Since MineStar Health needs to communicate with the office and share information, it requires connectivity hardware and software applications. MineStar Health connectivity products facilitate the collection and transmission of machine electronic data into locally hosted or cloud-based applications for visualisation and reporting. In terms of software, MineStar Health offers various applications, such as Health Office, Health Equipment Insights and Technician Toolbox, for visualising and reporting machine electronic data. These tools enable equipment reliability analysts, condition monitoring personnel, and maintenance managers to diagnose equipment events, monitor critical machine parameters, and analyse operational trends and patterns, with the aim of enhancing equipment reliability and reducing unplanned downtime.

In the NSW mining sector, not only are the majority of Cat machines reporting through Health, but also numerous other OEMs' machines are reporting similarly. WesTrac has effectively investigated and forecasted these reports, with the goal of enabling customers to reduce machine downtime to its lowest rate.

Mining White Paper

The Evolution of Automation in Australian Mining

This whitepaper considers the evolution, key drivers, benefits, and some of the lessons learned from automated solution rollouts across the industry. It also looks at how these solutions have shifted from their initial tier-one operator target to most levels of the mining and related services sectors.


Fleet management is an essential aspect of an efficient mine site in the 21st century for maximum efficiency, resulting in Caterpillar’s development of MineStar Fleet. Fleet is a fully integrated mine monitoring and management system that leverages technology to enhance productivity. Real-time interaction with mobile field equipment enables mine management to optimise machine utilisation, track material movement, and monitor daily production against plan. MineStar Fleet is fully scalable to accommodate a growing fleet of machines or the need for additional capability and functionality.


In modern mining operations, precision location is crucial for tasks such as dozing, drilling, and loading. MineStar Terrain serves as a bridge from traditional mining methods to modern technological advancements, providing essential data for AI applications.

Terrain facilitates high-precision management of drilling, dragline, grading, and loading operations through advanced guidance technology. It enhances machine productivity and offers real-time feedback for improved efficiency. Furthermore, Terrain provides comprehensive management data, including machine locations, operational status, progress toward work plans, and more. With robust tools that assist in drill planning, blasting, ore control, and site planning, Terrain enables more timely and effective fact-based management of all drilling, dragline, grading, and loading operations.

The technology team at WesTrac frequently receives enquiries from major customers about Terrain for drilling, grading, and loading. They are actively involved in providing support for both new implementations and assisting existing customers. This demand is fuelled by the technology's successful track record and its strong recognition among mining sector customers in the region.


In traditional mining operations, preventing fatalities often required numerous bare eyes and mirrors. To minimise such risks, MineStar Detect combines LiDAR, smart cameras, object detection technologies, driving safety systems, and collision avoidance systems. This comprehensive suite of technologies brings peace of mind to mining operations by mitigating the likelihood of accidents and fatalities.

Detection technology is crucial for enhancing safety in mining operations. WesTrac has implemented the Driver Safety System (DSS) at numerous sites in NSW, ensuring that the full fleet benefits from the safety measures it provides.

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Autonomous mining, once a dream, has now become a reality with MineStar Command leading the way. By integrating the Fleet, Terrain, Detect, and Health capabilities of MineStar, Command allows for the implementation of remote control, semi-autonomous, or fully autonomous mining equipment systems. This groundbreaking technology delivers remarkable enhancements in operator safety, equipment availability, and site productivity. MineStar Command is categorised into drilling, dozing, and hauling, each tailored to meet the specific requirements and needs of these operations.

WesTrac is fortunate to have implemented autonomous solutions for various applications such as drilling, dozing, and underground mining.


Imagine bundling all the mentioned technologies into one comprehensive solution. With MineStar Edge, Caterpillar’s newest technology platform, you can. MineStar Edge is a new platform, ideal for smaller mines such as quarries, which enhances the current MineStar offerings. MineStar Edge establishes an operational ecosystem for sites, aligning with existing business management practices to deliver more connected, integrated, scalable, and intuitive products that extend throughout the entire value chain, from equipment tracking to production recording.

Edge enhances the customer experience. Being delivered as a cloud-based, subscription-managed application, it reduces network requirements and associated deployment, service, and training costs. It expedites the time from order to use and allows for automatic upgrades, updates, and fixes. Additionally, Edge will give sites the option to host locally mission/production functionalities, to improve connectivity and reduce latency.

To enhance understanding of MineStar Edge's functionality, WesTrac, NSW has made available five demo kits for trial installation at customer sites. This allows customers to become familiar with the solution and the benefits it offers.


In conclusion, the Cat MineStar Solutions technology suite represents a groundbreaking advancement in the mining industry, addressing critical needs such as safety, efficiency, and productivity across various operational aspects. From Health to Fleet, Terrain to Command, Detect to Edge, each offers innovative solutions tailored to meet the unique challenges of mining operations. Whether it's enhancing equipment reliability, optimising fleet management, enabling precision drilling, enhancing operator safety, or integrating data for seamless operations, MineStar delivers comprehensive and intuitive solutions. With MineStar, mining companies can use technology to enable reduced downtime, increased productivity, enhanced safety, and ultimately, greater profitability. As technology continues to evolve, MineStar remains at the forefront, driving progress and innovation in the mining industry.

Feel free to reach out to the WesTrac technology team if you require further information on these technologies or if you encounter any issues at your site that you'd like to discuss. We're here to assist you in maximising the benefits of the Cat MineStar suite and addressing any challenges you may face in your mining operations. Your success is our priority, and we're committed to providing comprehensive support and solutions to meet your needs.

Author: Hossein Rajabnia

Hossein holds a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Newcastle and has many years experience in the mining, energy, and oil and gas sectors. His proficiency extends across a diverse spectrum of equipment and machinery, reflecting a comprehensive understanding of intricate industry dynamics. He is a Product and Technology Adviser for WesTrac where he actively contributes to the forefront of innovation in resource industries machines.
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