Growing your business with WesTrac (2019)

Mitch knew his equipment had to be of the highest quality to keep customers happy. He purchased his first Cat machine from WesTrac and success followed shortly after.

making promises to customers

When Mitch Spartalis started his earthmoving business, Black Hill Excavations, he made some big, bold promises to customers.

He promised to:

  1. provide a first-class, honest and reliable service;
  2. only use state-of-the-art equipment; and
  3. always deliver excellent workmanship.

It was these three promises that won him the initial work.

Since then Mitch has delivered on those promises and then some, steadily growing Black Hill Excavations into the reputable business it is today. None of this happened by chance. From day one, he knew his equipment had to be of the highest quality to keep customers happy. He purchased his first Cat machine from WesTrac and success followed shortly after.

However, Mitch did run into one problem – the best kind – too much work. With so many projects on the horizon, he had to add another Compact Track Loader to his fleet to assist with house cuts, slabs, landscaping, and slashing and clearing work.


Mitch started his search for a new loader by conducting a marketplace comparison. Most quotes were very competitive when compared to WesTrac. It was only when Mitch dived a little deeper into the fine print did he realise price, on face value, was not the only factor he should be considering when making such an important decision. When asked what he would tell other people considering investing in a Cat machine, Mitch had the following to say:

“Some quotes I got were around $10K cheaper for a similar size machine, but what you’ll save upfront is peanuts compared to the interest rates and repayments down the track. Do your homework and you’ll find you can actually afford the Cat you wanted from the start!”


WesTrac is no different to Black Hill Excavations in the quality of service promised to customers and wouldn’t be in business today if customer expectations weren’t consistently exceeded. WesTrac strives to treat customers as people, not numbers.

When Mitch spoke to the WesTrac sales team the response wasn’t a rapid fire quote with the lowest possible price. Instead WesTrac took the time to understand where his business was and where he wanted it to be in the future. Questions were asked about the projects he was winning and the projects he wanted to win. On why he picked WesTrac, Mitch commented:

“Scott at WesTrac was a pleasure to do business with … he called me with regular updates and took the time to get to know my business and family. I’ll be back to see him when I need a bigger machine.”


Offering value-for-money and having excellent customer service isn’t what got us over the line with Mitch. He ended up buying a Cat 239D Compact Track Loader because it was miles ahead of the competition when it came to cutting edge features:

“The pressurised cab minimises dust so I can stay cool, clean and comfortable while I’m working. The independent torsion axle suspension makes it feel like I’m floating over bumpy terrain instead of being jolted around like a roller coaster.”


Mitch knew if he put quality in, he’d get quality out (QIQO) and the age old saying “you get what you pay for” rings true when it comes to investing in the foundations of a business. There will always be alternative machines, some even at a lower price. It’s the company who goes the extra mile to understand your needs, both personal and business, who offers you a tailored long-term solution and not just a machine that deserves your business.

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