Increasing productivity using technology (2019)

Caterpillar conducted a road-building production study. This ground-breaking study put Cat Technology to the test by comparing it directly against traditional road building methods.

Caterpillar conducted a road-building process production study at their proving grounds in Peoria. This ground-breaking study put Cat Technology to the test by comparing it directly against traditional road building methods - the same methods commonly utilised in the Australian construction industry today.

The study measured differences in fuel burn, man hours, job time and machine hours. The goal was to visually show how cutting-edge technology can truly improve productivity on construction sites.

Identical 122 metre roads were built out on a baron piece of land, side by side, one using Cat productivity technology and the other relying on “old school” methods. The results below speak for themselves.

Why did Caterpillar decide to do this study?

“We are always talking to our customers about the benefits of using these different technologies and there are always questions about payback. They want to know examples of where it’s been used, but those customers who have success with the technology don’t want to show that to their competitors.” - Karl Weiss, Vice President of Earthmoving at Caterpillar

The Cat Difference

  • 46% fewer project hours = lower unit costs, more profit and increased opportunities to bid for more jobs (more jobs = more money)
  • 34% fewer machine hours = lower maintenance and repair costs, extended machine life cycles, increased machine availability and effective utilisation and resale vale
  • 31% fewer man hours = better resource allocation, less exposure to risk and a solution to the skilled labour shortage in Australia’s construction industry
  • 37% less fuel consumption = another way to lower operating costs (more profit), secure competitive bid advantage and reduce emission levels and carbon footprint

If you want to see a similar increase in productivity on your next construction project, contact our team today.

How can you use technology to increase productivity?

There are hundreds of ways you could use Cat Technology to increase productivity at your construction site. Here are four examples:

  1. Use COMPACT to meet compaction targets with more speed and less rework
  2. Use PAYLOAD to ensure you are delivering optimum payloads every time
  3. Use GRADE to get to grade faster, with greater precision and fewer passes
  4. Use LINK to instantly access valuable productivity-related machine data

Make WesTrac your technology partner

There are a number of ways WesTrac can help you increase productivity within your construction operation, from equipping you with the latest Cat construction machines to preventative maintenance and fluid sampling. We can also become your technology partner.

The study was pretty clear: technology increases productivity; it's a no-brainer.

WesTrac can equip your construction machine fleet with a custom Cat Technology solution that ensures those machines can complete jobs faster, with greater precision and less rework, increasing productivity in the process and allowing you to win more work.

We can work with your fleet manager to make their job easier or become a partner and take a load off your shoulders by managing everything for you, including acting on expert productivity recommendations to ensure your fleet is working to it's maximum potential. Cat Productivity Solutions can be scaled to meet the needs of your construction operation and give it a competitive edge, ensuring you’ll be winning every job you tender for.

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