Invest in quality, achieve quality: How Newpave is kicking goals with Cat® equipment - Part 2

At Newpave Asphalt, Cat Grade Control has helped both new and experienced machine operators achieve great results in grading efficiency.

Cat Grade Control is an automated grading solution aimed at improving operator performance. At Newpave, Grade Control has helped both new and experienced machine operators achieve great results in grading efficiency. It’s technology like this that helps Caterpillar stand out as a leading provider in the paving industry – particularly as tech is treated as something integral, rather than a mere add-on.

“In all our paving products, the technology is built into the machine,” explains Michael Kelly, WesTrac Paving Product Specialist. “It’s not a bolt-on system; it’s fully integrated and operates harmoniously with the machine.”

Cat Paving Equipment

The importance of such systems isn’t lost on Newpave.

“Contemporary technology is essential to carrying out the highest quality of work and to remain relevant in a competitive market,” says Newpave Operations Manager, Geoff Cox.

Furthermore, using Caterpillar’s advanced technology maintenance plan, Newpave can access timely data for all its Cat equipment, allowing them to resolve issues quickly and reduce downtime – which, as Mr Cox points out, is vital in a time-controlled environment.

Each of Newpave’s Cat equipment purchases is also paired with a FitFleet agreement from WesTrac, which includes parts, service and planned maintenance. As well as further ensuring limited downtime for the fleet, this enables Newpave to factor in maintenance costs over the life of their machines and provides an all-in-one solution for equipment needs. “There’s one point of contact for them, and they don’t need to deal with multiple manufacturers – it’s all a one-stop shop,” WesTrac’s Michael Kelly explains.

As Caterpillar’s technology and machines have grown and developed over the years, so too has Newpave as a business. After starting with just one machine supplied by WesTrac, Newpave has steadily expanded its fleet to more than 20 and is still buying Cat equipment today. This strategy has allowed them to take a cohesive, streamlined approach to projects and deliver consistently high-quality results – ultimately ensuring happy clients and more jobs.

“I believe our successful growth and quality performance is directly attributed to the advanced and reliable Cat equipment we use,” sums up Mr Cox, bringing things back to the company’s core credo. “Newpave invests in quality personnel and quality equipment, and in turn, achieves high-quality outcomes.”

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