J&M Bashforth & Sons Videos

In this video series we meet Luke Bashforth, Director of J&M Bashforth & Sons. Luke has seen success in recent years after buying Cat machines and putting them on FitFleet®.

fitfleet keeps customer assets in prime condition

Having the right equipment is just one ingredient for business success, according to J&M Bashforth & Sons Director Luke Bashforth.

Another essential aspect to ensure ongoing productivity, efficiency and value is the right sort of repair and maintenance strategy.

Luke says WesTrac’s new FitFleet agreements are precisely what’s required to enable the business to go about its core duties without the risk or frustration of unplanned downtime and delays.

“The FitFleet agreements which currently cover 19 of our Cat® machines, allow us to maintain focus on the day-to-day business without the worry of repair and maintenance requirements,” Luke said.

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