Do you have the right bucket for your Cat Mini Excavator?

No matter the project you're tackling, we have a Cat bucket perfectly suited to the job, and your excavator

Cat buckets are designed to provide productivity and long life in a variety of conditions.

It is critical to find the bucket that suits your task best - watch the video below to learn more about the differences between dig, heavy-duty, mud (grading) and, ditch cleaning buckets.

Dig Buckets 
Ideal for utility trenching, general excavation and back-filling in soft to moderate ground.

Ditch Cleaning Buckets
For cleaning wide trenches, loading material, slope cutting, grading and finishing work in construction and landscaping applications.

Mud (Grading) Buckets
Designed to provide optimum grading, trenching, slope-cutting and finishing work as well as holding additional buckets for easy transportation.

Heavy Duty (HD) Buckets
These high-strength buckets are designed for maximum performance and value over a wide range of abrasive applications such as mixed dirt, clay and rock, and feature pre-drilled holes for bolt-on side cutters.

  • HD Capacity Buckets: Machine-specific - well-suited for moving large amounts of material and have more capacity than general HD buckets.
  • HD Rock Buckets: ideal for aggressive bucket loading in highly abrasive applications.

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