Newpave goes beyond the point of call

Newpave Asphalt has thrived, thanks in part to the support of WesTrac. In this story, Roads & Infrastructure Magazine finds out how the professional relationship between the two companies continues to blossom.

This story was produced by Caterpillar and originally published as an article in Roads and Infrastructure Magazine. It has been republished here by WesTrac in July 2023. The original story can be found here.

Newpave Asphalt says that it has always prioritised local opportunities.

Mark Gilson, Newpave Client Relationship Manager, says this focus on localisation has been the bedrock for the success of the New South Wales based company.

“We’re an independently owned business that employs local people, uses local suppliers and keeps profits local,” he says.

The company celebrated its 10th anniversary on May 21, symbolising what has been a period of advancement and development for Newpave. Gilson says Newpave’s rise can be attributed to both organic growth, as well as the support of established relationships within the industry.

“We’ve grown significantly since the company’s inception 10 years ago. We started out with one plant at Tomago and have expanded to have plants in Muswellbrook and Moree. This has given us a significant opportunity to expand and work across a large area of north-western New South Wales,” he says.

Gilson explained that this expansion has led to Newpave becoming an A2 prequalified asphalt contractor, making it certified to service the needs of both government and the private sector. And that Newpave has already completed works for New South Wales Roads and Maritime Services, as well as traffic control contractors.

The company proudly notes that its repertoire also includes standing contracts with every council across both the Hunter Valley and Central Coast regions.

Gilson says achieving quality outcomes can often rely on having the best quality equipment. Especially for a company whose services range from asphalt manufacturing, construction and profiling, right through to stabilisation, spray seal and line marking jobs.

A search for new equipment in 2018 has led to what has been a fruitful professional relationship.

Optimum quality

One of Newpave’s initial interests in Cat machinery was in 2018, when the company was contemplating the purchase of a Cat PM620 Cold Planer, based on conversations with its customers who were using the machine at the time.

As Gilson recalls, it wasn’t only the capabilities of the machine itself that stood out, but also the support on offer by Cat dealer WesTrac.

“Not only the quality of the Cat product was appealing, but so was the after sales and aftermarket service,” he says.

Gilson says Newpave required flexibility and reliability from both the service and equipment, in part due to the company’s scope of works across New South Wales. For this reason, WesTrac solidified itself as a leading contender.

“The fact we are located a few minutes’ drive from WesTrac at Tomago was also a huge advantage for the working relationship,” he says.

“Nothing is ever a lasting problem. Emergency breakdown calls are always responded to quickly and efficiently, resulting in less down time for Newpave and increased productivity.”

According to Gilson, Newpave now has 33 Cat units as part of its fleet, making it one of the larger paving fleets of Cat pavers, rollers and material transfer vehicles nationally.

Newpave Asphalt

New and improved

Newpave’s latest purchase, the Cat RM400 Road Reclaimer, marks a first for the company. Purchased in 2021, the RM400 is the first purchase of such a machine for Newpave, opening new doors for the company.

The machine is powered by a Cat C9.3B Engine that delivers 416 horsepower. This power is complemented by a reduced machine size.

The Cat RM400 is well suited for both road rehabilitation and soil stabilisation works, while also supporting optional spray systems with a variety of flow rates for both water and emulsion derived additives.

“We’re currently in the process of completing approximately 200,000 square metres of stabilisation works,” Gilson says.

“We’ve recently completed some contributions on the Newell highway, including 13 kilometres of stabilisation works on at Bellata in early 2022 for Transport NSW and 30,000 square metres of patching works between Narrabri and the Queensland border.”

Always close by

The purchase of the Cat RM400 Road Reclaimer, among other machines, has been made possible by WesTrac.

Michael Kelly, WesTrac Product Specialist – Paving and Forestry, says both companies share an invested interest in continued success.

“Newpave are a valued customer, having purchased a range of Cat and Weiler products from WesTrac as well as utilising our service department to support their operations,” he says.

“They’re a highly dynamic business. With works anywhere across New South Wales, they wanted to be sure that if there was a breakdown, there was a WesTrac branch or resident technician close by.”

Newpave Asphalt

As Kelly adds, this support is always on-going, thanks to the FitFleet® Customer Value Agreement (CVA) that is in place. A FitFleet agreement can be provided for an individual machine or an entire fleet. WesTrac offer four agreement types, with each one providing a different level of support to suit every customer’s needs.

“FitFleet has enabled us to have regular touch points with their equipment, to firstly service the machine, but also to undertake repairs such as warranty or product improvement programs,” Kelly says.

“Through our FitFleet CVAs we monitor the machine’s health using Cat Product Link and Cat S•O•S fluid testing that’s available in house to make recommendations to Newpave around machine health.”

On top of machinery and after sales support, Caterpillar® has also provided financing options to suit Newpave’s scope.

Luke Ranclaud, Senior Territory Manager – Cat Financial Australia says these services include opportunities for loans and leasing of new equipment.

“When you invest in Cat equipment, we invest in your success for the life of your business,” he says. “The team are here to help you succeed not just in good times, but in tough times, too.”

Ranclaud says the relationship between Cat Financial and Newpave has been developed over several years and has increased in strength.

“The service provided to Newpave has been focussed on delivering tailored and structured funding solutions that align with their operational requirements,” Ranclaud says.

“The services provided by Cat Financial have allowed for Newpave to move quickly with machine acquisitions when required. Our deep understanding of their business ensures that our funding solutions are aligned to their core needs and delivered on time.”

Newpave’s Mark Gilson says the future is bright, for both the company, as well as the professional relationship with WesTrac and Cat Financial.

“We’re looking forward to continued support, competitive pricing and superior aftersales service, as well as the strengthening of an already great working relationship,” he says.

Invest in quality, achieve quality (2020)

In 2020, we released a feature story on Newpave which focused on their sound business philosophy: utilise quality equipment, people and products to achieve quality results - this philosophy is widely known as 'Quality In, Quality Out' (QIQO).

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