Oldfields pivots and profits with WesTrac - Part 2

Part 2 of 2: To help plan uptime, assist with financial forecasting, increase machine availability and ensure the machine that provides for their family never went down, Oldfields Australia relies on FitFleet Customer Value Agreement and Parts.Cat.Com.

Planning for the future and minimising downtime

To complement their new Cat compact track loader and ensure they’d be fully covered in the future, the Oldfields signed up to a FitFleet Premium Customer Value Agreement (CVA). This offers data-driven insights, remote monitoring that tells them when maintenance is due, fluid health management, automatic scheduling of maintenance, and delivery of Genuine Cat Parts to accompany the maintenance timing. With the Premium CVA, expert WesTrac technicians take care of all required maintenance for the Oldfields – they don’t have to worry about a thing.

Peta said FitFleet Premium would make a big difference to their business, both financially and from a planning perspective.

The Oldfields Family

“There’s a chip in the loader that tells me how many hours Anthony has done,” she said.

“WesTrac doesn’t even have to come out to check it (the chip), they do it all remotely. Our rep will call and say ‘Hey, you’ve done 300 hours and your service is due’ and they’ll send someone out to service it at a time that works for me. All the hassles that came with servicing are gone.”

"WesTrac has a large enough footprint and the resources required to be able to quickly send someone out, wherever Anthony is … which minimises his downtime and ensures he is able to keep doing the work that provides for our family.”

Increasing uptime and availability for customers

One of the big advantages FitFleet offers is certainty, Peta said, especially when it comes to cashflow management and financial forecasting.

“The servicing is already paid for before it’s done. It gives us certainty because we don’t have to fork out any money on the day,” she said.

“Every business should do it!”

Anthony agreed that a FitFleet CVA offers a big advantage to their family business, particularly by helping them with planning their uptime and equipment availability for clients.

“Sometimes when it gets busy you sort of forget about servicing, so it’s nice to know WesTrac is keeping an eye on it. It gives me peace of mind and lets me focus on doing what I do best, the work – and there’s a lot of that to do after the bushfires.”

Keeping their machine in tip top shape

With their workload increasing as a result of acquiring both the loader and mulcher, the Oldfields knew they’d need rapid access to all the parts that weren’t already covered by FitFleet, so their new compact track loader could keep firing on all cylinders. So they also signed up to Parts.Cat.Com (PCC) – an online shopping service that provides immediate access to over 1.4 million Cat parts, accessible on any device.

Cat Compact Track Loader

Now, if Anthony is on a job and needs a part, he can just whip out his phone and place an order for delivery to the site he is on, all in a couple of minutes.

“It’s fast, straightforward, easy-to-use and I’ve got complete confidence I’m getting the right part for my machine,” Anthony says.

“I love being able to go through the site and visually see exactly what part I’m ordering and how much it’s going to cost, all without having to waste time explaining it over the phone.”

The future of Oldfields

With a lot of new land clearing and hazard reduction work coming in, Peta said they were looking at increasing their fleet size.

“Things are going great; we’re run off our feet. We’re currently deciding on what we need – but whatever it ends up being, it’ll be Cat yellow and it’ll come from WesTrac,” she said.

“WesTrac has as a good reputation because they really do go the extra mile to help and genuinely want to see their customers grow; we wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

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