Rebuilding a Cat® R3000H Underground Loader: A WesTrac first - Part 2

Part 2 of 2: This rebuilt Cat R3000H Underground Loader has lead to big savings for the customer thanks to a rebuild program that offers real value.

Rebuilding leads to big savings

“Working with our customer, we came up with a very detailed rebuild and maintenance strategy that was designed to maintain industry-leading availability,” Mr Roberts said.

“Our customer sees the value in rebuilding instead of replacing. Their rebuilt loader can effectively do another 30,000 hours and be reliable for 65% of the price of a new machine. Saving 35% on a machine of this size is not pocket change!”

“The customer has essentially bought two machines, but for much cheaper than two separate new units would cost.”

The Caterpillar rebuild program offers real value

In his three decades working in the industry, Mr Roberts said that, unlike the Cat mining equipment range, he had yet to see a similar competitor’s product get to the 60,000-hour mark.

“Caterpillar has an industry-leading rebuild program that ensures their equipment lasts longer. Most loaders that aren’t Cat yellow are lucky to even reach 30,000 hours,” he said.

WesTrac NSW Mining General Manager Jody Scott said the rebuild process was a key part of the WesTrac and Caterpillar offering for all mining customers, and one that offered real value.

“It’s a Cat product and program. Their products are rebuildable and we promote them as such. Our business model is supporting our customer’s machines for their entire service life,” he said.

“Rebuilding means lower cost-per-hour and lower cost-per-tonne to our customers - that helps us not only with our product support but also helps us sell the product in the market.”

A Cat R3000H Underground Loader about to be rebuilt

Reap the benefits of being supported by WesTrac

Customers who choose to purchase Cat equipment from WesTrac receive the full benefit of decades of experience in the mining industry.

“We have a significant team of service engineers, technicians and personnel to support mining product in the field and in the workshop,” Mr Scott said.

“They’ve been trained on how to maintain the equipment, so it is the best it can be when it goes back to work.”

“When you use WesTrac, you’re getting dedicated OEM parts; which leads to better longevity. These machines are a big investment for our customers, so we need to make sure they get the most out of each one – that’s our job - and the rebuild process is a key part of that.”

WesTrac also has access to the latest information, software updates and product enhancements for each piece of equipment, all of which are taken into consideration during a rebuild, ensuring the machine goes back out with the latest specifications – exactly as if it had just rolled off the assembly line.

The Green Cat R3000H Underground Loader

Look beyond the sales brochure

“For me, it all comes back to cost-per-tonne or cost-per-hour,” Mr Roberts said. “If you’re looking for a machine that feeds industry-best availability, you really need to look beyond the flashy sales brochure and focus on the proven on-site track record in the industry.”

“Before investing in new equipment, get in touch with us to get the right information and look at our credibility in the industry. Caterpillar is synonymous with quality and reliability and WesTrac prides itself on that. If we say we’re going to do something, that means we do it.”

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