Technology a must for safe sites (2018)

Regulations and recommendations are increasingly moving toward a target of zero-harm, and the best way to attain this is through Caterpillar MineStar DETECT technology.

TECHNOLOGY solutions to help you see more and send your team home safe, every day 

You want a safe mine that protects your workers, your investment and your equipment: WesTrac has the technology to drive a safer operation. Regulations and recommendations are increasingly moving toward a target of zero-harm, and the best way to attain this is through Caterpillar MineStar DETECT technology.

Cat DETECT gives you a line-of-sight that leads to a safer and more efficient operation.

Mining equipment is big, and spaces are tight, which is why proximity detection is playing an even greater role in well-run operations. With audible and visual alarms that serve as an operator’s second set of eyes and ears – dangerous situations are rapidly averted before any contact is made.


Worldwide there’s an increasing trend toward making proximity detection mandatory – which has already led to a decrease in accidents since the technology was introduced in South Africa. Here in Australia, savvy operators are leading the way and seeing that improving safety through proximity detection has a positive impact on the workforce – and a company’s bottom line.


Recently, the Queensland and New South Wales governing bodies released guidance notes for mining operators, encouraging the introduction of collision-prevention systems as part of a core safety requirement.

We’re the leaders in safety technology. Caterpillar already offers up the technology required to be at the forefront of cutting edge innovation and safety solutions for mines. We’ve spent years developing and refining this technology – as many of our successful users would attest. With satellite capabilities that offer oversight of the entire site, down to machine-specific fatigue and distraction warnings, Caterpillar puts safety first in any mining operation.

MineStar DETECT technology offers:

  • DETECT Vision - Camera
  • DETECT Object Detection – Radar
  • DETECT Proximity Awareness – GNSS and P2P
  • DETECT Fatigue and Distraction – DSS (Driver Safety System)
  • DETECT for Personnel – CDP (Cat DETECT for Personnel)
  • DETECT DVR – (Digital Video Recorder) for recording a loop back of the Detect Vision camera

There are no blind spots with MineStar DETECT. Cat Object Detection has an auto-detect software system that identifies objects in front, behind or near the machine. Our radar and camera coverage, combined with audible alarms, help reduce accidents and reduce downtime by limiting machine damage due to collisions.

Whether your operation is above-ground or underground we have the technology solutions that help you do more with your team and your equipment. Our technology solutions can be fitted to any machine, from any manufacturer to help you build a safety-first culture on site.

WesTrac has set the benchmark in equipment management and customer service for over 20 years. We’re one of the largest Caterpillar dealers in the world – with a focus on delivering technology solutions to make your operation as easy, profitable and safe as possible. Working closely with our customers, our team delivers products and services that keep your site safe and profitable.

Our specialist team can help you implement a safety technology solution that suits your business needs.

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