The Cat® Trial 9: PAC-MAN™

The ninth Cat® Trial video is PAC-MAN™. Remote operators control Cat machinery, acting as PAC-MAN and those pesky ghosts in a gigantic maze. Who wins?

PAC-MAN powers up with services

PAC-MAN™ is celebrating its 40th anniversary and Caterpillar is celebrating the milestone in an epic fashion with The Cat Trial 9: PAC-MAN™. With the help of skilled operators, the team at Caterpillar built a life-sized game board using the latest Cat machines, attachments and technology.

The players (including Cat customers, expert operators and gamers) used remote controls to operate the giant PAC-MAN™ and the ghosts. Just like every jobsite, they found a challenge waiting around every corner. Luckily, they were able to power up with Cat Services — from FitFleet Customer Value Agreements, to field servicing, to the Cat App and financing options from Cat Financial.

Game-board Facts

  • Cat Grade 3D technology was used to dig precise game-board
  • Cat machines used to prep the field: D6, D6XE, D8T, D9T, D11, 825K & 773G Water Wagon
  • Cat machines equipped with Cat Grade 3D used to build game-board: 336, 323, D6XE, 150
  • Additional machines: 972M, 950GC, CS56, 259D3, 308 w/TR Bucket
  • 70 man hours to dig the actual game-board
  • 6,292 meters of cut / fill dirt to dig the maze and berm / 5,300 tons of dirt
  • 1% grade from top right to lower left for drainage. That means the top of the game-board is about 3.5’ taller than the bottom
  • 4’ Height of the walls inside the game-board
  • 162.4’ x 180.4’ dimensions of the actual game-board (Outside the berm 246.4’ x 264.4’)
  • It's 19,040% of original scale of the classic arcade screen

Game-play Facts

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