The eight best skid steer attachments and their uses

WesTrac has compiled a list of the eight best skid steer attachments you can invest in to increase your profit.

Skid steer loaders are a versatile choice in many construction fleets. When equipped with the right attachments, skid steers can perform many tasks, like landscaping, farming, road preparation and more. If you’ve been wondering what the best attachment is to grow your business, the answer depends on the type of jobs available in your area. For example, a brushcutter will make you a tonne of money if you live in a rural area but isn’t recommended if you only do tight access city-based work. We’ve compiled a list featuring some of the most versatile attachments you can invest in to get the most performance out of your machine and increase your profit.

What are the top skid steer attachments?

Skid steer & track loaders offer an exceptional balance of power and manoeuvrability. They’ve been designed purposefully by Caterpillar® to perform a wide variety of jobs with attachments, much like a Swiss army knife. Here are the eight best attachments and their uses:


Fork attachments are one of the most essential and affordable skid steer tools when it comes to material handling. Businesses that haven’t invested in a forklift for everyday use can rely on a Standard Cat® Pallet Fork attachment to move palletised materials and goods. The new Cat Heavy Duty Carriage can be fitted with an optional hydraulic fork positioner kit allowing the operator to hydraulically adjust positions from inside the cab. Cat Forks are rated Class II (3T) for having a very strong frame but we still recommend keeping in mind the lifting capacity of your machine before you utilise these accessories for transport.

2. auger

Cat Auger attachments are great for digging post holes in the soil for fencing, signposts, shrubs and trees; they’re much quicker than manual digging. You can create dozens or even hundreds of holes in a single workday with a standard auger bit. If you want to get into work that involves breaking through hard rock or concrete, consider fitting carbide teeth or converting your standard auger bit with a Cat rock-drill-head.

3. mixing bucket

You’re likely familiar with a standard cement mixer bowl, but did you know a Cat Cement Mixing Bucket provides the best and safest 250L mixing and pouring tool in difficult to access areas - preventing the back-breaking task of filling, mixing and pouring concrete/ fertiliser or mulch. With this attachment you can fill the gravel and sand directly with the mixing bucket, then use the serrated grill on top to tear the cement bags, add water and mix. The hydraulically controlled chute allows material to evenly exit the bucket via a fixed or flexible chute, saving injuries, time and effort. It’s perfect for footpaths, fence posts, driveways and landscapes. If you’re in an urban area with lots of development, this attachment is a solid investment.

4. brushcutter

Landscapers and homeowners can use brushcutters to clear overgrowth, reduce vegetation and remove brush and trees up to 80mm in diameter. This unique attachment turns everything into a coarse and sustainable by-product. Since skid steer loaders use differential steering, you can make tighter turns compared to a ride-on mower. The largest regular Brushcutters have 1981mm (78”) of cutting width for initial land clearing and maintenance.

Cat Industrial Brushcutters are the next level up – using four hardened steel axe blades to slice through bushes and small trees up to 200mm diameter. Using one of these powerful attachments, a high-flow machine with 4000psi will be able to cut approximately an acre per hour.

Brushcutters are available in standard and high flow models. After using a Brushcutter, you can use a grapple rake to collect fallen material for disposal or leave it on the ground to be re-absorbed back into the land. Discover more Brushcutter operating tips.

When matching a brushcutter to a machine, always choose one just wider than the machine to protect tyres or belts when travelling through dense vegetation. If you’re in a rural area with lots of dense bushland, this attachment is a solid investment. If you need assistance choosing the right brushcutter, get in touch with our team.

5. box blade / smart grader blade

These skid steer shaping and finishing attachments are among the best for grading, as they can easily scrape and level dirt, gravel, sand and other base materials. Cat Box Blades have the advantage of forward and backward travel to quickly spread and level the pad in readiness for pouring of concrete.

The Cat Smart Grader Blade takes control of the D3 series machine allowing the operator intuitive joystick control of the tool. With the addition of the built-in Cat Grade Assist, this allows you to level accurately without additional technology. Paired with a laser or GPS-assisted grading system on your machine, these attachments let you quickly achieve a precise grade on every job

6. power box rake

There has never been a more versatile attachment than a Cat Power Box Rake – originally referred to as a ‘Harley Rake’.

This multi-application attachment comes with carbide teeth on a rotating barrel and is designed to clear and prepare soil for general construction, restore dirt road/ driveways, perform field maintenance, de-thatch and remove old lawns. A Power Box Rake grades, levels, rakes, prepares seedbeds and removes rock debris. The attachment’s hydraulic angling ability allows you to windrow collected debris in any direction for easy pickup and removal.

7. broom

Cat Utility Brooms with rotating bristles allow you to clear and collect caked-on soil, cold planer cuts and debris from the ground. These attachments are ideal for parking lots, sidewalks, airport runways, roadwork and warehouse floors and more. You can also collect material and control dust by equipping your skid steer with a broom mounted water tank and spray kit. Just like the mixing bucket, if you’re in an urban area with lots of development, this attachment is a solid investment.


With bushfires a common reality in Australia now, clearing land around properties is a priority. Cat Mulchers allow you to cut undergrowth, bushes and trees. They also aid in the removal of pest/invasive plants (African olive, blackberry, etc.) while a second pass mulches the material down from about 300mm to approx. 50mm for faster decomposition while the mulch provides protection to the ground from drying out and erosion.

Cat Mulchers are available from standard flow – right up to high flow, high pressure to suit all Cat Skid Steer & Track Loader models. Just like the Brushcutter, if you’re in a rural area with lots of dense bushland, this attachment is a great investment.

Oldfields Australia recently purchased a Cat HM315C Mulcher and used it to pivot their business.


Whether you’re in the market for a second skid steer loader attachment or a sixth, WesTrac is your primary source in NSW, ACT and WA. We carry a wide assortment of Cat attachments from this list and more, all engineered to optimise your Cat compact equipment. If you need advice on choosing or installing a new attachment, ask our experts today.

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