WesTrac levels up field service trucks (2019)

We've invested in field service trailers for flexible use across our fleet at our Wollongong and Canberra branches. They will save you money, help the environment and reduce handling.

There's a reason why WesTrac is the industry leader when it comes to field servicing. We're the industry's first choice because we're always looking for ways to improve the level of service we provide to you and are never satisfied with the status quo. After all, our tagline is "DO MORE" and we think there's always room to do more to get your machines back up and running, as fast as possible.

It's this reason that led us to invest in field service trailers for flexible use across our fleet at our Wollongong and Canberra branches.

Save Money

We upgraded the trucks with state-of-the-art service trailers that come fully bunded with vessels that can deliver new filtered oils and grease to your site. The onboard waste vessel means that all used oil will be removed from your site, so the truck becomes able to assist in waste removal, not just servicing - this means you no longer have to rely on an additional liquid waste removal vendor to come out, saving you money.

Field Service Trucks

Environmentally Friendly

In addition to the cost saving, the trailer eliminates the need to manually transfer oils in smaller containers that have the potential to spill and damage the environment. Because the trailer is self-bunded, any spills or leaks are contained safely within the trailer. All waste oil is then removed from your site and taken back to WesTrac for safe disposal.

Less Handling

The new service trailers have metered pressure and vacuum systems that handle product without the manual handling associated with traditional servicing methods. Less manual handling means a more efficient process.

Field Service Trucks

Exceeding Expectations

Our expert technicians from Wollongong, Rob Napier and Adam Mills, have already put these trailers to the test and the results exceeded all expectations. The use of the trailer reduced response time by 35 minutes. The time saving was due to not having to load a service vehicle with multiple containers of oil. The service trailer is pre-filled with bulk oils.

Now, we've put them on active duty and they're already hard at work on customer sites - #LetsDoTheWork

Overall, these service trailers will improve response times and provide a superior service that is safer and has less impact on the environment.

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