WesTrac launches Australia's first Cat MD6250 Rotary Blasthole Drill

WesTrac is the first to introduce the Cat® MD6250 Rotary Blasthole Drill to Australia, unveiling the new model at a launch event in Perth.

WesTrac is the first to introduce the Cat MD6250 Rotary Blasthole Drill to Australia, unveiling the new model at a launch event in Perth.

The MD6250 is optimally configured to suit hard rock 12m benches, which is an essential requirement in Western Australian open cut mines. The mining drill is also well-suited to rotary soft rock applications.

Fully developed within the Caterpillar Production System (CPS) and giving users the security of Cat manufacturing quality and technology, the new drill builds off the legacy of the earlier Reedrill and Bucyrus Drills, with Cat Supply Chain, fuel efficiency and components.

“We are really excited to be the first dealer to bring the MD6250 to the Australian market,” says WesTrac WA Chief Executive Officer Jarvas Croome.

“It is perfectly designed for the unique hard rock conditions of the Western Australian landscape, and is ergonomic and comfortable to operate as well as demonstrating high fuel efficiency.”

Caterpillar Global Commercial Manager for Drills, Matt Jacobs, who will be present at the launch event says “the MD6250 has numerous features which allow substantial cost savings for owners including air volume control for optimum up hole velocity, less engine load and lower fuel consumption, as well as Cat Product Link™ Elite to provide statistics on machine health, location and production. This information gets sent back to the office in real time, enabling fast and early identification of data resulting in greater uptime and more productivity.”

Safety is a huge consideration for the MD6250 which comes with a world-class cab featuring large windows for greater operator visibility, drill depth indicator, and virtual head stops and interlocks as standard.

To increase ease of operation, auto drill assist automates part of the drilling cycle for improved accuracy and efficiency, driving down operating costs. Cat MineStar™ options also allow for remote control or semi-autonomous drilling.

The Cat Terrain for drilling feature uses satellite guidance to increase pattern accuracy by up to four times, while Cat Command automates the drilling cycle, allowing a single operator to manage multiple machines at the same time.

A standard fuel tank enables 14 hours of continuous manned operation, with an optional fuel tank providing capability for 26 hours of autonomous operation. Additionally, the compressor is suited to both high pressure down the hole and low-pressure rotary drilling, displaying the versatility of the drill.

The MD6250 will be launched to the Australian market at the WesTrac Reid Road Branch on 22 June 2018, with guest speaker Matt Jacobs, Caterpillar Global Commercial Manager for Drills, and WesTrac WA CEO Jarvas Croome, hosting a live demonstration for some of WA’s largest mining and drill companies.


Cat MineStar™ technologies help businesses make informed and confident decisions by turning data into insightful information they can use to get more out of their mines. The technology assists with everyday challenges from controlling costs to extending equipment life and enhancing safety. Cat MineStar™ can fit into all operators – working with any brand of equipment and sharing data across existing machines, systems and technologies. Customers have the option of selecting one capability to address a need like accident avoidance or maintenance tracking, or combine several into a comprehensive solution.


Cat Product Link™ redefines fleet management effectiveness. Its easy-to-use interface, called VisionLink™, enables customised health and utilisation reports, and mapping and mixed fleet capabilities. Product Link™ transmits the information via cell and satellite, and connects customers to the Caterpillar dealer network. Product Link™ provides accurate, timely and useful information about the location, utilisation and condition of equipment—the kind of information that can make a huge difference in the efficiency and costs of entire operations.

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