Register your attachment for warranty

congratulations on your purchase!

To protect your investment under warranty, please complete the below form in full, using the following items as reference:

  • Attachment invoice (see below for an example)
  • Warranty attachment plate - this can be found on your work tool attachment (see picture for an example).

Attachment WesTrac Invoice Sample Only

Cat attachment warranty plate

Enter your details here

Occasionally, Caterpillar will need to send you product information:

Please enter the best contact for Caterpillar to send service information to:

Please enter your WesTrac account number

Please enter your full business address:

When did you receive/pick up the attachment? (select date)

Please upload a copy of your invoice or enter your invoice number

Locate the warranty plate and use the information displayed here to complete the rest of the form. An example can be found on this webpage.

Upload a picture of your warranty plate

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