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Delivering high-quality performance in most low-to-medium applications such as non-hard soils, Cat General Duty Undercarriage is the everyday undercarriage for your excavator, dozer or track loader. Cat General Duty gives you versatility, reliable performance and Cat quality you’ve come to know and love.

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Cat undercarriage works as a powerful system to propel your machine over all types of terrain, but it can account for up to 50% of your machine’s owning and operating costs.  

How you manage your undercarriage can help lower that cost and deliver you more value throughout the lifecycle of your Cat equipment. We know how to help you get the most from your undercarriage and it starts with a CTS. 

A CTS inspection will help us identify any current or perceived problems with your undercarriage system. We’ll check the track tension, inspect for wear, tear, check up on all the Cat parts in your undercarriage system, and more.  

You’ll also receive a detailed inspection report and expert advice on replacement options available to you. Not only is a CTS inspection free of charge but its also obligation free, you’ll only pay for any parts or components you choose to replace.  

Click the button below to book in your free CTS inspection. 

Piacentini and Son marks nearly 80 years of collaboration

Piacentini and Son has a large fleet of Cat machines that are used for a range of operations across Western Australia. Their Cat dozers work around-the-clock in highly abrasive environments resulting in high track wear - which is why they rely on WesTrac's Custom Track Service (CTS). 
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Seven factors that will affect undercarriage wear - Cat Loaders

There are several factors that will affect how fast your new Cat compact track loader (CTL) or multi terrain loader's (MTL) undercarriage wears. The key to maximising productivity and the service life of your undercarriage components is to recognise these factors and make adjustments whenever possible to minimise their effect. 
Cat Loaders Blog Imagery.jpg

Five ways to improve your undercarriage life

Your machine’s undercarriage requires the right amount of care and attention to deliver maximum operating life and the efficiency you expect to produce the lowest total cost of ownership for your business. 
Undercarriage Blog Imagery.jpg

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